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Meetings and Events

Part of the crowd at the March 1 "Design Workshop" for the Planning Department's Downtown Bethesda Plan

The following list shows you not only our meetings, but also events we are attending in the community. In addition to coming to outreach events, you can schedule a time to meet with staff in our offices in Silver Spring, in Bethesda, or at your own group's meeting. To schedule a time, contact us! You can also host an event, such as a happy hour or reception, for conversation about your interests or concerns. We will be pleased to attend. We will regularly update the following list to let you know with whom we've been meeting. Public Meetings/Workshops are in bold and are hosted by the Montgomery County Planning Department.


  • Fall 2014 TBD - Public Meeting - focus will be on the actual recommendations to be included in the plan
  • Fall 2014 TBD - Public Open House - focus will be on what property owners sharing with the public what their most recent thoughts for the future of their properties, taking into account input/feedback they have received from meetings, with community and staff.


  • August 11- Saul Properties:Arlington Road/Old Georgetown & east side of Wisconsin Avenue
  • August 5 - Bernstein next to Women Cooperative Farm Market
  • August 4- 4424 Montgomery Avenue
  • July 31 - Fairmont Building at Fairmont and Old Georgetown Road - NE Corner
  • Jluy 22- St John's Church
  • July 21 - Womens Cooperative Farm Market
  • July 16 - Happy Hour Hosted by Streetsense, JBG, Clark Construction and partners
  • June 27 - 4723 Elm Street Property
  • June 26 - Pearl Street/District Properties
  • June 25 - 4500 Avondale Place Property
  • June 25 - Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Committee
  • June 24 - Aldon Properties Battery Lane, Bradley Boulevard
  • June 24 - Chevy Chase West citizens re Bethesda Fire Station
  • June 24 - Saul Properties:Arlington Road/Old Georgetown & east side of Wisconsin Avenue
  • June 19 - 6801 Wisconsin Avenue Property
  • June 19 - Bethesda Rescue Squad Property
  • June 18 -Christ Lutheran Church Property
  • May 17 - Public Workshop- Visions for Specific Areas within Downtown Bethesda

  • June 12 - Arts and Entertainment District Board Meeting - ex officio member (absent)
  • June 10 - 4311 Montgomery Avenue Property
  • June 4 - Bradley and Wisconsin Avenue Rescue Squad Property
  • June 4 - EuroMotorCars Property
  • June 3 - Tommy Joe's/Pines of Rome Properties
  • June 3 - 4885 Edgemoor Lane Property
  • June 3 - Union Hardware block with Barbara Sears
  • May 29 - 7316 Wisconsin Avenue Property
  • May 29 - Stanford/Walsh Street Properties
  • May 29 - Union Hardware Property Wisconsin Avenue
  • May 28 - 6801 and 6831 Wisconsin Avenue Property
  • May 28 - B-CC High School - staff volunteer with Urban Plan program
  • May 22 - DEP, DPS, DOT
  • May 21- Federal Realty Investment Trust Property on Bethesda Avenue
  • May 21 - Valanos Property
  • May 20 - Bernstein Companies Bethesda Center
  • May 20 - Bethesda Urban Partnership Board
  • May 19- Maloney Woodmont Properties
  • May 17 - Public Workshop- Visions for Specific Areas within Downtown Bethesda

  • May 15 - Happy Hour hosted by Young Leaders in Affordable Housing at Caddie's
  • May 13 - 4341 Montgomery Avenue
  • May 7 - Washington (WREIT) Properties
  • May 7 - Carr Property
  • May 6 - Zoning Update and Conversions Public Meeting B-CC Regional Services Center
  • May 1 - Bethesda Chevy Chase High School students - topic: parks and open space
  • April 30 - Happy Hour at Tommy Joe's Hosted by Greater Greater Washington, Congress for New Urbanism DC Chapter and YIPPS
  • April 25 - Jody Klein - topic:
  • April 23 - Bernstein Property Next to Farm Womens Cooperative Market
  • April 22 - Linowes and Blocher Law Firm
  • April 11 - Pearl and East West Highway Property- NE Corner
  • April 11 - Woodmont Triangle Action Group - staff serves as ex officio member
  • April 10 - Arts and Entertainment District Board - staff serves as ex officio member
  • April 10 - Public Meeting - Open House Bethesda Downtown Plan - Recent Work on the Plan
  • April 8 Vince Burke
  • April 8 Department of General Services - Montgomery County
  • April 3 - Arlington Road Property next to Trail - with Parks Dept
  • April 2 - Lerch Early and Brewer Law Firm
  • April 1 - County Properties with Greg Ossont
  • April 1 - Bethesda Urban Partnership Chair
  • March 27 - Town of Chevy Chase
  • March 25 - St John's Church
  • March 24- Valanos Property
  • March 17 - Union Hardware
  • March 14 - Woodmont Triangle Action Group - staff serves as ex officio member
  • March 13 Arts and Entertainment District Board - staff serves as ex officio member
  • March 13 - Avondale Street Property - new date
  • March 12- Parks Department - Caroline Freeland Park Faciilty Plan Community Meeting
  • March 12 - La Madeleine Site
  • March 7 - Flying V Theater
  • March 7 - 410 Property
  • March 6 - Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer for Montgomery County
  • March 5 - AMR Commercial
  • March 5 - 4424 Montgomery Avenue
  • Monday, March 3 - Avondale Street Property -postponed
  • Saturday March 1 - Public Meeting/Workshop - 9:30 AM- 1:00 PM at the Bethesda Chevy Chase High School.
  • Thursday, February 27 - 4630 Montgomery Avenue
  • Friday, February 14 - Woodmont Triangle Action Group - Parks Department Staff presenting on Urban Parks
  • Thursday, February 13 - Arts and Entertainment District Board - staff iserves as ex officio member
  • Tuesday, February 11 - The Downtown Bethesda Condo Assn (City Homes, The Edgemoor, the Edgemoor II, Hamden Square, Villages of Bethesda, the Christopher, Fairmont Plaza, the Chase, and Lionsgate. The Kenwood and Kenwood Forest II participate as observers.]
  • Monday February 10- Arlington and Bradley Boulevard Property
  • Wednesday, February 5 - Bethesda Police Station Site - StonebridgeCarras
  • Friday, January 31 - Brookfield and Metro Center
  • Friday, January 31 - Federal Realty Investment Trust and Woodmont East
  • Thursday, January 30 - Scope of Work at Planning Board
  • Wednesday, January 29 - Donohoe - Woodmont Central, Hilton Garden Inn, historic Post Office
  • Wednesday, January 29 - Montgomery County Public Library
  • Monday, January 27, 2014 - Public Meeting - Presentation and Q&A regarding draft Scope of Work
  • Friday, January 24 - Montgomery Children's Museum
  • Thursday, January 23 - Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce
  • Wednesday, January 22 - 7500 Pearl Streete
  • Wednesday, January 22 - Lenny Greenberg
  • Friday, January 10 - BF Saul
  • Friday, January 10- Montgomery Avenue Corridor - ProMark
  • Thursday, January 9 - Arts and Entertainment District Board Meeting
  • Tuesday January 7 - Sacks Neighborhood
  • Tuesday January 7 - Housing Opportunities Commission
  • (Friday, January 10, 2013) Postponed -Woodmont Triangle Action Group - (regular meeting at which staff serves as ex-officio member)
  • Monday, January 6, 2014 - 4885 Edgemoor Lane
  • Friday, December 20 - ProMark Property Owner, Montgomery Avenue
  • Tuesday, December 17- Bethesda Arts and Entertainment District Board (regular meeting at which staff serves as ex-officio member)
  • Tuesday, December 17 - Bradley Shopping Center
  • Monday, December 9 - Bethesda Green
  • Tuesday, December 3 - Property Owner, 7140 Wisconsin Avenue
  • Tuesday, December 3 - Property Owners Bethesda Travel Center (4422 East West Highway) & Bethesda Dental Care (4425 Montgomery Avenue)
  • Monday, November 25 - Aldon Management Properties - 4857, 4858, 4890 Battery Lane; 4701, 4730, 4740 Bradley Boulevard; 4750, 4757 Chevy Chase Drive; 8218 Wisconsin Avenue
  • Tuesday, November 19 - Bethesda Urban Partnership Board
  • Friday, November 15 - Lerch Early Brewer Land Use Seminar - Panelist, Planning Director Wright (8-10 am)
  • Friday, November 15 - Bethesda Transportation Management District Advisory Board - Hisel-McCoy (7:45-8:30 am)
  • Friday, November 15 - Bethesda Arts and Entertainment District Board - Rifkin (8-9 am)
  • Thursday, November 14 - *Drop In Public Meeting The Writer's Center
  • Wednesday, November 6 - *Drop In Public Meeting, Imagination Stage
  • Monday, November 4 - *Kick Off Public Meeting Bethesda Regional Services Center
  • Wednesday, October 23 - Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Committee

Meetings and Events - Details


Bethesda Central Farm Market - Sunday July 20th

Stop by to find out more about the Bethesda Downtown Plan! We will be somewhere in the midst of artisan cheeses, organic produce, homemade Turkish food and gluten free desserts! Come chat with Elza Hisel-McCoy , Rachel Newhouse (Parks Department), and Lisa Tate on the 20th. The market is in the parking lot of the Bethesda Elementary School. More informatin here: bethesda-central.

Children at the Farm MarketVendor at Farm MarketFarm Market Aisles

See EcoDistrict Presentations! from the June 18 Workshop

illustration of sidewalks

This Southwest Washington DC Ecodistrict image is courtesy of the National Capital Planning Commission. The image is by ZGF Architects.

Bethesda Ecodistrict Workshop flyer SW Ecodistrict image courtesy of NCPC. Image by ZGF Architects
The Montgomery County Planning Department held a community workshop on the EcoDistrict concept for the Bethesda Downtown Plan on Wednesday, June 18th at the Bethesda/Chevy Chase Regional Services Center.

The workshop introduced the concepts and principles of an EcoDistrict, with examples from across the country.  Participants helped define goals and objectives and set priorities for incorporation into the Bethesda Downtown Plan.


New - View the presentation from the Ecodistrict Community Workshop from ZGF Architect and EcoDistrict expert Otto Condon - EcoDistricts: A Primer

New - Last night’s Bethesda Downtown Plan EcoDistrict Workshop brought out more than 45 members of the community to learn about concepts, examples, and the development of goals and strategies for possible EcoDistricts in Downtown Bethesda. See the presentation from Environmental Planner, Tina Schneider. Learn more and check back for the audio . We will post it soon..


May 17th Workshop

Video Recap from May 17 Workshop

Check out this video which gives a recap from residents and planners from the May 17 Design and Planning Workshop where the Framework Concept Plan was presented.


Planners Focus on Workshop Results

Do you ever wonder exactly what happens after all your drawings and notes are rolled up after the workshop? This photo is of the team in house debriefing in our auditorium on the Monday morning after the Saturday May 17th Workshop. Planners took turns presenting the work from your groups. Notes you wrote on drawings are typed up and photos of each trace overlay are taken. This information is shared with the entire Bethesda Downtown Plan team and will be made available for your viewing as well.

Staff Debriefing on Workshop

Pictured above left to right, are Matt Folden, Transportation planner, Elza Hisel-McCoy, project manager, Marc DeOcampo, master planner/supervisor, Gwen Wright director, Rachel Davis Newhouse, Park Planner Coordinator and Mike Bello urban designer from a different team who volunteered to help at the workshop. He presents the work of the 'Bonfire Maple" group on the Bethesda Avenue/Arlington Road area. Pictures by Margaret K. Rifkin, outreach coordinator.

Crystal Myers talks about her group

Facilitator Crystal Myers presents the 'Ginkgo' group's work on the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor to fellow planners.

Rachel Newhouse

Facilitator Rachel Newhouse, Planner Coordinator from the Parks Department, presents the character selections of the 'London Plane' group. To her left on the wall are the photographs used from the Visual Preferences Survey, to represent different types of character resulting from different levels of intensity of use.

Robert Kronenberg Marc DeCampo

Division Chief Robert Kronenberg reads from notes provided by the 'Sawtooth Oak' group concerning the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor. Marc DeCampo, Supervisor then follows with the work from the 'Bloodgood' group.

See the slide presentation from the May 17th workshop

Here is the link. BDP May 17 Workshop Presentation . Find out about the draft Framework Concept, and the current staff thinking on Parks and Open Space, the Environment, Complete Streets and Urban Design and Street Character!