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Employment at the Montgomery County Planning Department

For more than 80 years, the Montgomery County Planning Department has won acclaim for planning innovative solutions to land use and development challenges. We apply smart growth strategies to cultivate vibrant new urban centers and transit-oriented development, forge environmental protections, preserve historic features and encourage great community design.

Presenting the 2014 Planning Department Employee Service Award recipients. These employees represent years of service from five to 35. Interested in working at the Montgomery Planning Department and enjoying a rewarding career in community planning? Check out our openings.


Transportation Mobility Analyst (11989, Grade I)
The Montgomery County Planning Department in Silver Spring, Maryland seeks an experienced Transportation Mobility Analyst to be part of a team working on a variety of technical and professional activities in pursuit of creative and sound traffic management in the National Capital Region.

Primary responsibilities include: conducting and analyzing the results of local area travel forecasts in support of recommendations for master plans including intersection analysis; developing and applying new metrics to local area modeling based on the results of research; and reviewing traffic studies submitted in support of development projects. In addition to strong analytical skills, the successful candidate must demonstrate good organizational skills, oral and written communications skills sufficient to convey technical topics clearly and concisely to other technical staff as well as the general public, and the ability to prepare and defend written technical reports to public officials.

The successful candidate will support the development and maintenance of the County's multimodal master plans and travel demand management policies. The transportation mobility analyst will work with the Department's travel forecasting and monitoring team to develop transportation recommendations that balance planned land use and transportation facilities per the County's Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) as well as develop changes to the APFO appropriate for local jurisdictional needs and emerging global climate change and energy considerations. Requirements specific to the transportation mobility analyst position include:

Applied knowledge of and experience in preparing multimodal transportation system mobility and capacity analysis using the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual, the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual and Synchro analysis tools.
Ability to apply quick-response forecasting and post-processing procedures such as those in NCHRP Reports 255, 323, and 365.
Familiarity with a range of intersection capacity analysis techniques including the Critical Lane Volume methodology.
Experience with the application of transportation modeling to prepare recommendations for master planning and/or development review.

This position will be filled at the Planner-Coordinator (Grade I) or Senior Planner (Grade H) position depending upon candidate qualifications.

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Mangement Services Division Chief (13336, Grade K)
The Montgomery County Planning Department is seeking a knowledgeable, experienced and progressive manager for its Chief of Management Services Division.  This position is responsible for a broad spectrum of administrative, fiscal, and managerial functions for the Montgomery County Planning Department.  Working closely with the Planning Director this position assists in ensuring that work program projects and strategic initiatives are conducted efficiently and effectively.  The Chief of Management and Technology Services oversees the operations of program-based budgeting and related work program coordination, performance measures, human resources management and administration, media relations and outreach, communications, mapping and graphics, document production, procurement, telecommunications, facility management and management of administrative processes.  This position is responsible for managing a staff of approximately 16 employees.
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Information Counter Supervisor (13055, Grade I)
The Montgomery County Planning Department is seeking a Planning Information and Permit Review Supervisor for its Development Applications and Regulatory Coordination Division. This position is responsible for managing the Public Information Counter; assigning new street addresses or changing existing ones; processing money received from product sales; inventory control; and providing excellent and timely customer service.

The successful candidate will be required to direct and supervise Information Service Planning Technicians; assign new street addresses; change existing street addresses; process money received from product sales; ensure adequate inventory of documents are available; work with the general public, developers, and professionals to identify and explain submission requirements, master plans, and other planning related data; oversee the Planning Department's official action on building permits; and develop and implement procedures to improve program performance.
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Planner Coordinator (10763, Grade I)
The Montgomery County Planning Department in Silver Spring has an opening for a Planner Coordinator in Area 3. This position will have the opportunity to work with a team to create attractive and functional environments in rural and upper Montgomery County.

The position will be involved in enhancing corridor cities, satellite towns and rural villages, and preserving agriculture and rural open space in Montgomery County. Ideal candidates must possess strong analytic capabilities, experience and interest in master planning, development review, environmental planning, and agricultural and rural open space preservation. Strong oral and written communication skills, ability to handle multiple projects effectively, interest and ability to work directly with the public on technical issues and the ability to work successfully in a multi-disciplinary setting are required. The position requires ability to apply land use regulations and to meet deadlines. The tasks include the preparation of master plans, and the review of preliminary plans, site plans, natural resource inventories, and forest conservation plans. The selected candidate will be required to ensure compliance with planning regulations, and to coordinate review activities with other agencies, prepare technical reports, deliver presentations to the Planning Board, attend civic association meetings, and respond to information requests from residents, developers, planners, architects, engineers, attorneys and public officials. Fieldwork and occasional evening meetings are required.

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Lead Inspector/Inspector (12644, Grade I/H)
The Montgomery County Planning Department seeks a qualified individual as a Lead Inspector/Inspector primarily related to forest conservation and adherence to certain other plan conditions. The Lead Inspector would be responsible for coordinating enforcement actions within the Development Applications and Regulatory Coordination Division. This position is primarily responsible for enforcing the Montgomery County Forest Conservation law but will also may have some enforcement responsibilities related to preliminary and site plans.

The Lead Inspector will be the main contact for all pre-construction meetings; tree save plan inspections; forest conservation inspections, violations and complaints. They will lead a team of Inspectors but will also have inspection duties. The work requires the review of approved plans and ensures the plans are successfully implemented by developers; assessment of site conditions and issuance of violations or citations when necessary. In-depth knowledge of the Forest Conservation law, tree protection, the ability to read plan drawings, and good communication skills are necessary.
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Senior Planner (11403, Grade H)
The Montgomery County Planning Department, a premier planning agency, seeks two Senior Planners to participate in a full range of planning activities applied to the suburban and urban areas in Montgomery County, MD. The selected candidates will be required to assist or lead master plan efforts, assess the impact of development proposals, evaluate proposed public facilities, and recommend best land uses.

The successful candidates will possess research and analytical abilities, be able to clearly organize and communicate information, know and understand best practices in land use planning, review regulatory requirements, apply appropriate federal, state and county codes and prepare written technical reports. The ability to present to citizen groups and public officials is essential. This position requires strong written and oral communication skills. Experience with GIS is desireable.
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Last updated: October 8, 2014