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Research and Special Projects Division

The Research and Special Projects Division (RSP) conducts research on Montgomery County's population, housing, economy, development, commercial space, workforce as well as special projects.

Latest releases

  • NEW Colocation of Public Facilities White Paper ( report) - An Interagency Work Group, consistingof Parks and Planning Departments,Montgomery CountyPublic Schools,andother Montgomery County agencies, was formed to address the feasibility of colocating public facilities. As a result, a Colocation White Paper was commissioned to look at types of public facilities in the County that could benefit from colocation, in support of the concept of building complete communities. This Colocation White Paper frames the discussion regarding the current best practices for colocating public facilities.
  • Colocation White Paper Draft
  • Sandy Spring Rural Village Market Analysis NEW Sandy Spring Rural Village Market Analysis (report) - The Sandy Spring retail market report analyzes the existing commercial retail environment, as well as future types of retail businesses supporting the village center concept of the Sandy Spring Rural Village Plan. The report recommends suitable retail niches for the village center, and characterizes the building spaces needed to accommodate these types of businesses.

  • industrial_land_use_study Review the Industrial Land Use Trends study for Montgomery County (powerpoint and white paper).
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    Research and Special Projects Division
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    Last updated: May 28, 2015