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Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Office supports the Planning Board and the Historic Preservation Commission by providing for the identification, designation, and regulation of historic sites in Montgomery County.  Historic Preservation staff also maintains an archive and library of documentation on historic resources in Montgomery County and provide preservation outreach and guidance on preservation best-practices to the public. If you are interested in historic buildings, sites, and programs in Montgomery County Parks, please visit Montgomery Parks.


  • NEW The Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is seeking proposals from non-profit organizations or municipalities that wish to apply for matching funds to finance local non-capital historic preservation projects in Montgomery County. Application materials must be received by May 18, 2015. [More information.]
  • Hammond Hill - Michael Cook House Hammond Wood - Kraft House

    The Montgomery Modern Bike Tour was held on October 11 as planned. Despite the weather, we had a great turnout and our band of enthusiastic bikers enjoyed visiting mid-century modern resources along Rock Creek Park. See the Guidebook.

    This event was presented by the Planning Department's Historic Preservation Office, in partnership with AIAPV, as part of Docomomo Tour Day 2014.

    Montgomery_Modern AIAPV

  • After a six-year hiatus, the Historic Preservation office is pleased to bring you the new electronic version of The Preservationist newsletter. Sign up to receive news about Montgomery County's historic preservation program delivered directly to your inbox.
  • The County Council has designated six park resources on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation, being the Stubbs Barn and five recreation centers. More info.
  • Historic Tax Credit PostcardThe deadline to submit an application for Montgomery County Historic Preservation Tax Credits for work completed in calendar year 2014 is April 1, 2015. Property owners may now receive a 25% credit for eligible work. Eligible work includes repairs, restoration, or preservation of exterior features of designated structures.
  • Van Tuyl Hart Bien (1887-1960) was an architect whose projects include Colonial Revival houses and a modernist school. An article on his lifework appears in the current issue of Montgomery County Story, written by Clare Lise Kelly, of our historic preservation staff. Read the article here.
  • The County Council has added the Georgia Avenue Baptist Church to the Master Plan for Historic Preservation as part of the recently approved Glenmont Sector Plan.
  • Places from the Past: The Tradition of Gardez Bien in Montgomery County book coverThe 10th-anniversary edition of Places from the Past: The Tradition of Gardez Bien in Montgomery County, a book that inventories historic sites and districts, is now available online. Recognized with awards from the Maryland Historical Trust and Montgomery Preservation, Inc., Places from the Past documents the history of architecture and community planning in Montgomery County. The book features a series of essays on building traditions, housing types and outbuildings as well as an inventory of historic districts and sites.
  • Montgomery Modern logo Visit our new Montgomery Modern page to explore mid-century modern buildings and communities that reflect the optimistic spirit of the post-war era.
  • Effective immediately, historic preservation staff will hold regular office hours to meet with people interested in discussing the Historic Area Work Permit process and to accept plans the Historic Preservation Commission has approved for stamping. Office hours will be held Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Staff will continue to be available to meet with people by appointment during regular business hours.
  • Read the latest postings on historic preservation topics on The Straight Line blog.

Historic Resources Under Evaluation or Recently Evaluated

Research and Designation

The Research and Designation program evaluates resources currently or potentially listed on the Locational Atlas and Index of Historic Sites for possible inclusion in the Master Plan for Historic Preservation.  The evaluation of a historic site or district may be initiated by an area master planning effort, by nominations by the public, or through a review of resources listed in the Locational Atlas. 

Historic Area Work Permits (HAWPs)

  • The Historic Preservation Commission meeting schedule and agenda can be found here. As required by law, the HPC will act on all applications within 45 days from their submission to DPS.  At this time the next deadline for Historic Area Work Permit application submissions is June 3rd for the June 24, 2015 meeting. View a summary of the actions taken by the Historic Preservation Commission at past meetings.
  • Historic preservation design guidelines are available to assist owners of historic properties in the development of their project plans.

Learn more

Our planners, staff to the Historic Preservation Commission and the Planning Board, work to safeguard the county's significant historic resources. Learn more about how a structure becomes a designated historic site — and what it means if you own a historic home — on this edition of Montgomery Plans.
Guest: Clare Kelly, Historic Preservation Planner.

Date of last update: May 28, 2015