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Past Growth Policy Studies

2005-2007 Growth Policy

The following reports constitute the Planning Board's Final Draft 2005-2007 Growth Policy. In addition to the main report, the Planning Board held one additional worksession on growth policy issues on September 22, 2005. Issues addressed by the Board in the September letter include: development approvals under the FY05 growth policy, development pressures on the agricultural reserve, and the boundaries of the Grosvenor Policy Area.

Links to relevant documents

Transmittal Letter to County Executive and County Council
Cover and Table of Contents (pdf, 100KB)
Chapter 1: Time Limits of a Finding of Adequate Public Facilities and APF Tests of Recorded Lots (pdf, 100KB)
Chapter 2: Testing the Adequacy of Public Safety Facilities (pdf, 1.5MB)
Chapter 3: Highway Mobility Report (pdf, 0.6MB)
Chapter 4: White Flint Policy Area (pdf, 3.5MB)
Appendix: Development Approval Activity in 2004
Appendix: Staff Presentation to Planning Board 7/21/05 (pdf, 0.6MB)
Staff Packet to Planning Board 9/22/05 (pdf)
September Transmittal Letter to County Executive and County Council (pdf)

AGP Background Reports

2003 Changes to the Growth Policy and Impact Taxes (All material related to the "2003-05 Policy Element")
Policy Area Maps (link to online map catalog)
Local Area Transportation Review Guidelines (revised July 1, 2004)
Introduction to the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance and Growth Policy (pdf)
Revised Schedule for Review and Adoption of Growth Policy (Bill 37-03) (pdf)
Glossary of Growth Policy Terms & Definitions of Key Variables (pdf)
Text of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (pdf)

If you have questions about the growth policy, please contact:

Pamela Dunn, Planner Coordinator