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Naval Ordnance Laboratory Administration Building

July 11, 2013:  Planning Board WOSG Worksession #3:  Landuse, Zoning, Historic Preservation, Staging

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During WOSG Worksession #3, the Planning Board voted unanimously to 1) add the Naval Ordnance Laboratory Administration Building (33/25-1) to the Locational Atlas and 2) recommend its designation on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation, per recommendations in the WOSG Public Hearing Draft (pages 80-81) and the Historic Preservation Staff Memo included in the worksession staff report (below).  The motion was made by Vice Chair Mary Wells-Harley and seconded by Commissioner Casey Anderson, with Chair Françoise Carrier, Vice Chair Mary Wells-Harley, and Commissioners Casey Anderson and Amy Presley present, and Commissioner Norman Dreyfuss absent.  Historic Preservation staff noted for the record that the correct resource number was 33/25-1 not 33/25, and also informed the Planning Board that information on the architectural and historical significance of the resource will be added to the WOSG Master Plan Appendix.

May 23, 2013:  Planning Board Public Hearing for the  WOSG Public Hearing Draft

April 4, 2013:  Presentation of WOSG Staff Draft to Planning Board

February 22, 2012: Historic Preservation Commission Public Hearing/Worksession

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