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Analysis Documents

Use Comparison Charts

These documents compare the uses allowed in current zones to the uses allowed in the proposed zones.

Agricultural, Rural Residential and Residential Zones
Commercial/ Residential and Employment Zones compared to current commercial, mixed-use and CBD zones
Industrial Zones


Annotated Versions of the Current Zoning Ordinance

The documents below do not reflect changes made by the Planning Board during their Spring 2013 review of the zoning implementation process.

These documents show where a provision of the current zoning ordinance is located in the consolidated or staff draft. Red underlined text provides either the section reference in the draft or use name changes from the current to the proposed ordinance. Text highlighted in blue deals with grandfathering language, which will be addressed in the coming months. Text highlighted in green deals with floating zones that are retained in the draft Code. Text with a red strike through has not been included in the most recent draft. Remaining sections of the code will be added soon.

59-A-1 In General
59-A-3 Building and Use-and-Occupancy Permits; Registration of Certain Uses

59-A-4 County Board of Appeals

59-A-5 Compliance Required
59-A-6 Uses Permitted in More Than One Class of Zone

59-B Exemption from Controls

59-C-1 Residential Zones, One-Family
59-C-2 Residential Zones, Multiple-Family

59-C-3 R-MH Zone-Mobile Home Development
59-C-4 Commercial Zones
59-C-5 Industrial Zones
59-C-6 CBD Zones
59-C-9 Agricultural Zones
59-C-10 RMX Zones
59-C-11 MXTC Zone
59-C-13 TOMX Zone
59-C-14 TMX Zone
59-C-15 CR Zones
59-C-18 Overlay Zones

59-G-1 Special Exceptions- Authority and Procedure
59-G-2 Special Exceptions- Standards and Requirements


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