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The Zoning Rewrite Project

Planners have rewritten the zoning code to modernize antiquated, redundant zoning regulations, and to create new tools that will help achieve goals in community plans. The new zoning code and zoning map were adopted by County Council earlier this year and will become effective on October 30, 2014.

Latest News
  • New Official printed copies of the new zoning ordinance must be provided by the County Attorney's Office. The official copies will be available sometime after October 30, 2014, and details about obtaining an official copy will be provided soon. In the meantime, a limited number of printed copies will be available for purchase at the Planning Department, but they will not be "official" and will not have section headers on the top of each page. 
  • On October 7, staff held a training session for community members on the new zoning code. View the powerpoint here.
  • ZTA 14-09, which incorporates updates, clarifications, and corrections into the new zoning code, was adopted by County Council on September 30. View the ZTA here.
  • For information about submitting an application under the existing (old) code prior to October 30, click here.
  • Applications under the new code for approval of Local Map Amendments, Conditional Uses, Sketch Plans and Site Plans are currently being accepted, but cannot be brought before the Planning Board until the new code becomes effective on October 30, 2014.
New Approved Zoning Code (with ZTA 14-09 Incorporated)
(Approved September 30, 2014)

A primer on the new zoning code is available here.

Office Hours

Come visit us at the Planning Department and we'll answer questions about the zoning rewrite and how it might affect your property. For more information, contact Matt Johnson at or 301-495-1325.

Learn More
Watch Planning Board Chair Françoise Carrier present a progress report on the Zoning Rewrite process to the County Council January 14, 2014. A copy of her presentation slides are available here.


Learn more about the Zoning Rewrite Project's progress in this video excerpt from our December 2012 Montgomery Plans cable show.

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Date of last update: October 16, 2014

Zoning Montgomery is a website dedicated to the multi-year process of reorganizing, revising, and simplifying the county’s current zoning ordinance to accommodate the most ideal future development