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Development Applications

Note: This is an archived page. Please visit the new development page here for the latest info.

One of the most important ways the Montgomery County Planning Board implements the vision of the County's General Plan and master plans is by reviewing proposed development and deciding on subdivision requests. The Development Applications and Regulatory Coordination Division coordinates the timely review of proposed development projects. Planners review development applications for consistency with the adopted master plan as well as impact on the environment, quality of design, compatibility with neighboring uses and the availability of public facilities (water and sewer, transportation, schools). The Department may recommend that proposed projects dedicate land for roads, schools, parks, or recreation facilities. Department staff work with developers and neighbors and relevant state and county agencies to address issues of concern before sending applications to the Planning Board.

Search the Development Activity Information Center (DAIC)

Don't know the application number? Get the number on a map using our Development Finder or view the complete plans list. Learn more about DAIC.

Fee Changes

At its December 10, 2015 meeting, the Planning Board approved a few changes to the application fee schedule. The main changes to fees are:

  • Record Plats: The fee was reduced from $2,100 to $2,000.
  • Forest Conservation Exemptions: The fee was increased from $180 to $200.
  • Site Plan Amendments: The fee for administrative site plan amendments is now $2,500. Previously, the administrative site plan amendment fee varied from $1,000 to $3,250 and was set by an Area Team supervisor.

See the Planning Board resolution for details of all the changes, which became effective on February 1, 2016. See the new Fee Schedule and Worksheet. If you are looking for a copy of the old fee schedule, you can get it here.

Traffic Study Scoping Form

As part of the on-going effort to improve and streamline the Local Area Transportation Review and Transportation Policy Area Review (LATR & TPAR) Guidelines, M-NCPPC staff has developed a traffic study scoping form. The purpose of this form is to simplify and standardize the traffic analysis component of the Adequate Public Facilities (APF)/Local Area Transportation Review test.

For applications requiring a traffic study or exemption statement, please fill out the form and send it to the appropriate transportation planner for Area 1, 2, or 3, as noted below. The Area transportation planner will review the submitted Agreement Form and contact you to refine specific details of the traffic study scope, as needed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Montgomery County Planning Department’s Area Transportation Planners:

Submit development applications

NOTE: We occasionally update our application documents; please download application materials posted here to access the latest versions.

Private Development Projects
(includes public/private partnerships)

Use ePlans to submit applications for: Access submittal forms and background documents for the following plan types:
  • Preliminary Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Record Plats
  • Pre-Application
  • Forest Conservation Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Sketch Plan
  • Concept Plan
  • Extension of Plan Validity
  • Subdivision Regulation Waiver
  • Adequate Public Facilities

Public Development Projects

Public development projects are submitted as mandatory referrals.

News & Information

  • The Planning Board approved plan review schedules for sketch plans and site plans at its December 10, 2015 meeting. View the Development Review Committee (DRC) Schedule to see the Development Review milestone dates and to view the upcoming agendas.
  • The Concept Plan application form can be found on our Application Forms page.
  • See the Subdivision Regulations Draft here.
  • Public art, which helps build community, foster economic development and create a sense of place is an option in our development review process in downtown areas and transit-area zones. Learn more about Montgomery County's public art guidelines.
  • Our Manual of Development Review Procedures(3.5 MB) outlines the process and administrative standards for review of and compliance with plans submitted pursuant to the Subdivision Regulations and Zoning Ordinance of Montgomery County.
  • View our Septic Tiers Map that complies with the 2012 Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act.
  • Learn more about the Commercial Residential zones established by the County Council in 2011.
  • Want to know more about development projects proposed near where you live or work? To stay abreast of Montgomery County development activity, visit our online Development Finder to learn details about building applications to be considered by the Planning Board.
  • Our Building or Expanding a House of Worship in Montgomery County, Md. (1.2 MB) brochure was produced in partnership with the Department of Permitting Services.

Get involved

We encourage community participation in the development reviewing process. You have the opportunity to voice your concerns and opinions. Don’t miss your chance to have your say about what’s going on in your community. Learn how you can participate effectively in reviewing development applications.

Last updated: October 16, 2016