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Mobility Assessment Report Archives

2014 Mobility Assessment Report

The 2014 Mobility Assessment  Report (MAR) was presented to the Planning Board on April 17. The presentation can be seen here. Montgomery County's traffic congestion has been stabilizing over the past two reporting periods from 2009-2011 and from 2011-2013 according to the 2014 MAR, a biennial study by county transportation planners that monitors local transportation trends. To read the report, click here."

Find out the latest about the Planning Departmentís Mobility Assessment Report. Planners Eric Graye and Jose Dory are interviewed about this report which looks at the most congested intersections in the County.

2011 Mobility Assessment Report

Mobility Access ReportFull resolution file (pdf, 20.5 MB)
Fast download version (pdf, 2.8 MB)
MAR appendix (pdf, 5.27MB)


Full Report (pdf, 18.5MB)
Cover Sheet & Table of Contents (pdf, 255KB)
List of Figures (pdf, 112KB)
List of Tables (pdf, 95KB)
Executive Summary (pdf, 127KB)
Current Congestion (pdf, 9.89MB)
Transportation Trends (pdf, 6.60MB)
Future Congestion (pdf, 541KB)
Appendices (pdf, 1.73MB)


Press Release on this Report
Full Report (pdf, 27.9MB)
Cover Sheet & Table of Contents (pdf, 243KB)
Executive Summary & Background (pdf, 75KB)
Current Congestion (pdf, 7.6MB)
Future Congestion (pdf, 274KB)
Appendices (pdf, 2.9MB)
Acknowledgements (pdf, 22KB)
Map of the 10 Most Congested Intersections in the County (pdf, 861KB)


Cover Sheet (pdf, 27KB)
Table of Contents (pdf, 83KB)
Executive Summary & Background (pdf, 132KB)
Current Congestion (pdf, 1.69MB)
Future Congestion (pdf, 173KB)
Appendices (pdf, 467KB)
Acknowledgements (pdf, 68KB)


Annual Development Approval and Congestion (ADAC) Report

Executive Summary (pdf, 290KB)
Introduction (pdf, 139KB)
Development Approvals & Planned Transportation Improvements (pdf, 517KB)
Primer on Measuring & tracking Traffic Congestion (pdf, 545KB)
Current Congestion (pdf, 2.23MB)
Projected Congestion (pdf, 327KB)
Transportation Improvement Priorities (pdf, 1.02MB)
Items to Add in Next Report (pdf, 71KB)
Appendix A - Cooperative Forecasts 2000-2010 by PolicyArea (pdf, 54KB)
Appendix B - Residential Development Approvals (pdf, 74KB)
Appendix C - Peak Hour Trip Generation from Residential Development Approvals, by Policy Area (pdf, 65KB)
Appendix D - Non-Residential Development Approvals (pdf, 79KB)
Appendix E - Major FY2004-2009 Maryland CTP Construction Projects (pdf, 49KB)
Appendix F - Major FY2005-2010 Montgomery County CIP Construction Projects (pdf, 41KB)
Appendix G - Major FY2004-2009 Maryland CTP Development & Evaluation (Project Planning) Projects (pdf, 75KB)
Appendix H - Major FY2005-2010 Montgomery County CIP Facility Planning Projects (pdf, 66KB)
Appendix I - Critical Lane Volumes at Signalized Intersections (pdf, 924KB)
Appendix J - Graphs from DASH Data Archive (pdf, 650KB)
Appendix K- Off Peak Critical Lane Volumes (pdf, 115KB)
Appendix L - Charts from Motion Maps LLC (pdf, 1.49MB)
Appendix M - Location of CHART Detectors in Montgomery County (pdf, 35KB)
Appendix N - Results from TRAVEL/2 Model Runs by Policy Area (pdf, 181KB)

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