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Work Program Development Committee

Why a Work Program Development Committee?

Because engaging the community improves decisions by bringing all perspectives to the table, identifying critical issues early, and garnering public support.
The practice of the Department is to engage the community at the earliest possible time of starting a project to identify the challenges and issues to be considered in developing our work. Work Program Development Committee members.

How Was The Work Program Development Committee Asked To Engage?

The Work Program Development Committee was a forum for sharing ideas and concerns. We asked the committee to engage in a collaborative process by partnering with planning staff to develop the first phase of the work program for the 355/270 Study (Inventory and Analysis).  Staff looked to the committee to ensure that the community’s concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the work we were undertaking, and to provide feedback on how their input influenced the final product. The committee has met with staff on three occasions to:

  • Share their ideas and observations with staff and the other members of the committee.
  • Assist in identifying community values.
  • Help staff to identify the issues and challenges within the corridor.
  • Review and comment on a draft scope of work for the inventory and analysis phase of the project that is currently being developed. Work with staff to make adjustments to the scope of work towards a final work program for this first phase of work.
  • Discuss how best to engage the community within the corridor.
  • Help us identify community members who might like to participate in future community participation activities.

Work Program Development Committee meeting agendas.

Date of last update: March 22, 2007