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Community Outreach Process

Like community plans, special projects such as the 355/270 Corridor Technology Study are developed with the community, staff and governmental agencies participating in shaping recommendations during the various stages of plan-making. The community-outreach phases of the 355/270 Technology Corridor Study are detailed below:

Work Program Development Committee

The first phase of our work was to undertake detailed data collection, technical analysis, map preparation, and begin community information gathering. Much of this work is done prior to generating ideas, problem solving, and developing recommendations. Work on the inventory and analysis phase began in the fall of 2006 by establishing a Work Program Development Committee made up of community representatives from the various communities along the entire length of the planning area. Work programs for the inventory and analysis phase were developed for: research, transportation, the environment, parks, and urban design. Please, view the work programs (pdf) for each discipline, and learn more about the committee.

Community information gathering

Community information gathering began with input from the Work Program Development Committee, and community participation associated with the Centers and Boulevards project. More information on this effort. View summary of the information gathered from the community to date. Continued identification of planning issues associated with the plaaning area will occur throughout the planning process.

Continued community participation.

Web based outreach

The Study web site will be maintained to provide greater service to the Montgomery County community.

Date of last page update: February 2008