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Montgomery Plans


To showcase the many ways the Montgomery County Planning Board and professional planning staff enhances the quality of life in our community, we’ve launched a monthly television program in collaboration with County Cable Montgomery.

Montgomery Plans title shotOur program looks at the important land use issues facing those who live and work in Montgomery County, with a focus on the planning side of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Each month, we’ll highlight issues that affect you – smart growth, transportation, forest conservation, environmental protection, historic preservation and more.

In October 2007, Montgomery Plans won a public education award from the Maryland chapter of the American Planning Association.

Montgomery Plans schedule. Also see us on our other educational programs, Growing Right and The Parks Show.


2008 2007

A Tour of the Kentlands...and Beyond

Planning Commissioner Joe Alfandre leads a spirited tour of the community he helped create, the Kentlands. The 20-year-old community in Gaithersburg offers valuable lessons for future smart growth communities.
Guest: Joe Alfandre, Planning Board member. (December 2009/January 2010)

Takoma/Langley Crossroads

Planners have studied the Takoma/Langley Crossroads community and are forming recommendations about how to improve quality of life in the context of a new public transportation system — the Purple Line. Learn more about planners' innovative ideas for transit-oriented development, mixed housing types and economic development.
Guest: Melissa Williams, community planner. (October/November)

How to Participate

The Planning Board regulates development in Montgomery County, but does not work in a vacuum. Its decisions are informed by its professional planning staff, outside agencies, landowners, as well as residents – people like you.  Learn how can you have your say in shaping the future of Montgomery County.
Guests: Nkosi Yearwood, community planner; Sandra Pereira, development review planner. (August/September)


Everyone needs a place to live, but finding the right kind of home – and being able afford it – is getting harder and harder. Learn how the Planning Board is looking for new ways to plan for housing that meets the diverse needs of Montgomery County residents – both present and future.
Guest: Sharon Suarez, housing researcher (June/July)

Growth Policy 2009-11

Tune in for a preview of the Planning Board’s 2009 Growth Policy and learn how it helps drive the quality of life here in Montgomery County.
Guest: Rollin Stanley, Planning Director. (April/May)

The Purple Line

Learn more about the Planning Board's take on the Purple Line, the most significant public transportation project proposed for Montgomery County in decades. The Board and its transportation staff analyzed the state Purple Line recommendations and weighed in on what they say is the best alternative for the county.
Guest: Tom Autrey, Transportation Planner. (February/March

Forests and Trees

Learn how environmental planners are overseeing an ambitious reforestation program designed to convert developer contributions into new forests. And pick up some tips on how to plant and care for trees where you live.
Guest: Mark Pfefferle, Forest Conservation Manager. (January