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Takoma Park Historic District

Montgomery County Historic Preservation Tax Credits Case Study

Tax Credit Tulip Ave 010316 Tulip Avenue
Owners: Kurt Lawson and Jill Feasley

The garage at 316 Tulip is a distinctive sight in the Takoma Park Historic District. Associated with a circa 1900 transitional Victorian house, the garage was in poor condition by 2007. Current owners Lawson and Feasley decided to restore the building to its former glory—in spite of it being “just an outbuilding.” In fact, Feasley and Lawson feel that the garage is a significant part of their historic residence's setting---as important as the lovely house that sits directly in front of it.

In order to preserve the three-bay garage, Feasley and Lawson repaired the structure in-kind. They used wood to replace rotted sheathing, straightened the sagging structure, repaired the dormer and side windows, and painted the repaired building. Due to their efforts, the garage is now a show-place along Tulip Avenue. Special thanks to Feasley and Lawson for restoring a distinctive piece of Takoma Park's history.

316 Tulip Avenue, Takoma ParkFor more information on historic garages and carriage houses, see the Old House Journal's article on the history of garages and carriage houses.

Montgomery County's new design guidelines have information on appropriate preservation treatments to outbuildings structures.