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Public Project: Jesup Blair Park Renovation

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This M-NCPPC renovation project coupled with the improvements proposed by Montgomery College are expected to ensure the vitality of the park as a public space and contribute to the revitalization of South Silver Spring. The concept for the park includes: many trees in an expansive green setting; a curvilinear path system that defines subspaces in the park, a bridge across the railroad tracks with a ramp and path in the park, Jesup Blair House and an open green setting for attractive views of the house from Georgia Avenue, a large "open play" area along Blair Drive, and enhanced park edges. While some trees will be removed, extensive tree preservation measures are being taken as part of the renovation and new trees will be planted to replace the trees removed. This project will be completed in the Fall of 2005.


M-NCPPC (see below staff contact)

Opportunities for Public Participation

The public hearing on the Facility Plan occurred in January 18, 2000.

Planning Board Review Process & Case Number

Park Facility Plan.

Planning Board Action

Park Facility Plan approved on January 18, 2000.

Notes From M-NCPPC Staff Contact

MNCPPC Projects in Jesup Blair Park are also reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission of Montgomery County. The HPC must approve on an Historic Area Work Permit before construction. HPC staff contact, Gwen Wright, can be contacted at (301) 563-3413. The proposed College improvements have been reviewed by the Maryland Historical Trust, 100 Community Place, Crownsville, MD 21032 (410-514-7600 + 1-800-756-0119). The Cultural Arts Center site is now proposed for the corner of Georgia Avenue and MD410. The bridge and ramps will be open as of July 28, 2004. The Montgomery College project page has more information.

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Bob Kane, Project Manager

Date of last update: July 20, 2004