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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

1990 Wheaton CBD and Vicinity Sector Plan


NOTE: This plan has been replaced by the 2012 Wheaton CBD and Vicinity Sector Plan. Please visit the Wheaton Central Business District and Vicinity page for more information.

Contact: Luis Estrada, 301-495-4641 or

Please be aware that the page numbering shown on each page does not apply to this media. The numbers shown at the bottom of each page do not correspond to the printed version of the Master Plan. The complete document is represented by the index below.

Front Cover (pdf, 20KB)

Abstract (pdf, 36KB)

Table of Contents (pdf, 228KB)

Plan Summary (pdf, 142KB)
Plan Highlights

Introduction (pdf, 146KB)

Background (pdf, 1014KB)
The Planning Process in Montgomery County
Area History
Recent Planning History
Existing Land Use and General Description of the Sector Plan Area
Summary of Key Indicators

Sector Plan for the Wheaton Central Business District (pdf, 351KB)
Plan Vision
The Concept Plan

Land Use and Zoning Plan (pdf, 1.70MB)
Land Use and Zoning Objectives
Commercial Land Use
Mixed Land Use
Office Land Use
Residential Land Use
Urban Design Guidelines
The Zoning Plan
Zoning and Development

Transportation Plan (pdf, 1.30MB)
Transportation Objectives
The Transportation Plan
Highway Plan
Parking System
Bicycle Network

Community Facilities Plan (pdf, 421KB)
Community Facility Objectives
Child Care
Post Office
Community Service Center
Parks, Open Space and Recreation

Environmental Plan (pdf, 245KB)
Environmental Objectives
Air Quality
Stormwater and Sewer
Sanitary Sewerage System Capacity

Historic Preservation Plan (pdf, 340KB)
Historic Preservation Objectives
The Amendment

Appendices (pdf, 649KB)

  1. Procedure for Development of Highway Plan
  2. Summary of Improvements to Intersections
  3. Improvements to Intersections
  4. Right-of-Way
  5. Resolutions of Approval and Adoption

Back Cover (pdf, 38KB)

List of Tables and Charts

  • Tables
    1. Wheaton CBD Area Population Forecast by Age; Household Population, 1987- 2010
    2. Wheaton CBD Area Population Forecast by Age; Household Population Percent Distribution, 1987-2010
    3. Summary of Transportation Strategies
  • Charts
    1. Existing Land Use
    2. Effects of Metro Extension to Glenmont

List of Figures

  1. Sector Plan Location
  2. Sector Plan Area
  3. Existing Land Use
  4. Concept Plan
  5. Land Use Plan
  6. The Urban Design Concept Plan
  7. The Pedestrian Network
  8. Existing Zoning
  9. Proposed Zoning Plan
  10. Metro Station Plan
  11. 1989 Average Daily Traffic
  12. 1989 P.M. Peak Hour Volume
  13. Proposed Highway Improvements
  14. Existing Off-Street Parking
  15. Proposed Bicycle Network
  16. Community Facilities Plan
  17. Historic Resources
  18. Proposed Street and Highway Plan