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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

Envision Bethesda - what does your ideal Bethesda look like? - Survey is Closed

Take the Planning Department's visual preferences survey and rank your choices of how you prefer to see Bethesda's neighborhoods reflected in the Bethesda Downtown Plan which will help to guide the look and feel for the next twenty years and beyond. These images are from around the country and could work as possible concepts for the Bethesda Downtown area. Now we need you to weigh in on what you think works best for you. Take the survey now.

How to take the surveys:

  1. Each district in Bethesda is shown in the map. You can take a survey for as many districts as you like.
  2. Place your cursor over a district and click to go to a survey for that district or use these links:
    Wisconsin North   Battery Lane
    Woodmont Triangle   Metro
    Arlington North   Arlington South
    Pearl District   South Bethesda
    Bethesda Row   Wisconsin South
  3. At the completion of the survey you will be directed back to this page where you can take other surveys, if you wish.

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific survey but are for information gathering purposes only. The results will help to inform the Planning Department as they make recommendations for the Bethesda Downtown Plan.

map of bethesda districts


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