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Upper Patuxent Area

Amendment to the Master Plan for Historic Preservation


Sites Not Recommended for Designation on Master Plan
Resource # & MIHP Form Resource Name Address
10/3 John Moxley Farm* 28800 Kemptown Road
10/5 John D. Purdum House* 28814 Kemptown Road
10/18 Burdette-Riddle Farm* 27100 Purdum Road
12/10 James Lauman Farm* 22000 Peach Tree Road
15/2 Matthew Molesworth House* 13501 Penns Shop Road
15/3 Rezin Moxley House* 3597 Medd Road
15/4 Alfred Baker House* 28901 Kemptown Road
15/6 Becraft Farm* 28500 Ridge Road
15/7 Brown's Tobacco House* 28601 Ridge Road
15/9 Capt. Clagett-Hilton Farm* 28055 Ridge Road
15/12 Thompson-Woodfield Farm* 27211, 27217 Long Corner Road
15/14 Mullinix Store Site* Mullinix Mill Road (12-00935976)
15/19 Warthan-Day Farm* 8711 Damascus Road
15/21 John O. Etchison House* 25611 Long Corner Road
15/24 Wilson Warfield Farm* 26725 Annapolis Rock Road
15/26 Fred Watkins House* 7373 Damascus Road
15/27 Colonel Lyde Griffith/Merhle Warfield Farm* 7305, 7307 Damascus Road
15/28 Luther W. Moore Farm** 7201 Damascus Road
15/30 Log Barn Site* 24899 Halterman Road
*Removed by the Planning Board from the Locational Atlas.
**Retained by the Planning Board on the Atlas. The Boards policy is to keep resources on the Atlas pending Council evaluation when the Planning Board and Historic Preservation Commission differ.