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December 11, 2007 Meeting

White Flint Advisory Group Summary


White Flint Update:

  • Montrose Parkway is moving forward so White Flint Sector plan is being planned under the assumption that the Parkway and grade-separated interchange design will proceed.
  • The State is deciding on whether or not the Purple Line will be a BRT (bus rapid transit) or LRT (light rail.) .
  • BRAC:  Park and Planning plays an advisory role for BRAC considerations and has asked for a traffic analysis to be done.
  • One of the transportation challenges is moving people east to west through White Flint.  The new road network in the plan should provide new transportation opportunities such as walkable centers with connections in between.
  • A grid system improves access by balancing turning and through traffic.  Staff will take Glatting- Jackson’s grid improvement recommendations into consideration.
  • Staff will consider additional metro entrances and changes to the bus system servicing the area.
  • Staff likes the trolley idea but it is too costly to be a realistic consideration at this time.
  • Staff is considering limited improvements on the Marinelli/Rockville Pike pedestrian underpass at the Metro Station.

Guest Presentation: Presentation by Ian Lockwood of Glatting Jackson, consultants to Federal Realty Investment Trust, JBG, Holladay Corp., Lerner/Tower, Combined Properties.

Advisory group comments

  • Viewing cars as secondary to people is a nice change.
  • The "Grand Boulevard" concept is a good idea for Rockville Pike/ Wisconsin Avenue north from Flanders Avenue/Edson Lane to Randolph.
  • There should be another railroad crossing because the railroad is a major barrier for east/ west movement.
  • Improve the road network:  eliminate confluences; increase alleys and service roadways to keep deliveries/service accesss off the streets, improve grid needs for north/south and east/west traffic flow; deflect traffic from going through surrounding areas. Create walking streets.
  • Staff should continue to consider modifying Rockville Pike: angaled back-in parking, bikeways, textured median, pedestrian lighting, and power lines hidden underground.
  • The plan must have publicly owned centers – parks, library, etc.
  • Staff should study how many busses are needed for the plan.

Date of last update: November 12, 2008