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November 13, 2007 meeting: Forum Part 2

White Flint Advisory Group Summary

NOTE: Please refer to the summary of the November 6 meeting for details on forum 1.


Advisory Group Discussions:

  • Pedestrian access at Georgetown to Mid-Pike Plaza and the north entrance to LCOR.
  • If you can design a street and design intersections, why is this not being done?
  • The group like that Old Georgetown goes through it.
  • How does Old Georgetown work with Montrose interchange?
  • Would like to see State Highway’s plan for pedestrian access along MD 355.
  • Staff should coordinate with City of Rockville to better connect trails. The Bethesda Trolley, Capital Crescent, and Montrose trails should be tied together.
  • Be careful not to confuse trails with parks.
  •  We should consider back-in parking, parking districts, and removing surface parking
  • Encourage trip reduction and mitigation.
  • Maybe 355 does not want to be tamed and we should not
  • We need to construct wider, cleaner sidewalks and we should consider bricks or other alternative materials for the crosswalks.
  • Higher height in the core and tapering down to existing neighborhoods.
  • The overall FAR should between 2.5 and 3.0 FAR.  More density should be located along MD 355 and less density should be placed adjacent to existing neighborhoods.
  • Why not increase the density at the Metro?
  • Higher density, more than 2.5 FAR, produces a better town.
  • Is White Flint a village or a town?
  • We should maximize the transportation grid.
  • We need to provide services such as libraries and schools.
  • We need to maximize public transportation (east/west).
  • We need more nightlife.
  • Rockville Pike should be a boulevard (tree lined, crosswalks).
  • Consider making Rockville Pike a two-way road that has less impact on existing residential areas
  • Traffic signal lights should be reduced.
  • The number of left turns on MD 355 should be limited.
  • The use of roundabout should be carefully considered.
  • More time needs to be given to cross MD 355.
  • Create a better north/south street system to divert local traffic from MD 355.
  • Stop and go traffic needs to be eliminated.
  • Encourage and enhance transit.
  • Why not consider having a trolley?
  • A shuttle circulator should run on the edge of the planning area.
  • Single-family homes should be included.
  • Provide connectivity over the CSX tracks.
  • The Montrose Parkway intersection with 355 is a disaster.
  • Developers say the money may be there to do a more complex transporation grid.
  • East/West flow cannot be impeded.
  • There should be less reporting out and more brainstorming.

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