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Twinbrook Sector Plan

Public Hearing Draft

2006 Damascus Master Plan cover

Abstract & Table of Contents (pdf, 198KB)*

List of Illustrations (pdf, 87KB)*
MD 355/I-270 Corridor
Sector Plan Boundaries – 1992 and 2007
Potential Housing Units in the Twinbrook Vicinity
Twinbrook Illustrative
Twinbrook Plan Concept
Existing Land Use
Proposed Land Use
Analysis Areas
Metro Core Area Illustrative
Metro Core Area – Existing and Proposed Zoning
Technology Employment Area Illustrative
Technology Employment Area – Existing and Proposed Zoning
Light Industrial Area Illustrative
Light Industrial Area – Existing and Proposed Zoning
Existing and Proposed Development Concept
Street Sections
Illustrative of Twinbrook Parkway at Fishers Lane
Illustrative of Fishers Lane with Urban Park
Illustrative of Parklawn Drive at Twinbrook Parkway
Public Amenities and Facilities
Environmental Change
Estimated Trip Generation
Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections
Street Classifications
Higgins Cemetery
Community Facilities
Existing and Proposed Park and Recreation Facilities
Existing Zoning
Proposed Zoning

List of Table (pdf, 87KB)*
Land Use in the Twinbrook Plan Area
Twinbrook Zones – Existing and Proposed
Bikeway Classifications
City of Rockville Bike Routes
Street and Highway Classifications
Proposed Amendments to the I-4 Zone in Transit Station Development Areas
Proposed Zoning
Programmed Capital Improvement Projects, Fiscal Year 07-12
Proposed School CIP Projects
Proposed CIP and Private Redevelopment Projects

Introduction (pdf, 2.15MB)*
Executive Summary
Existing Characteristics

  • Development Character
  • Population and Housing Stock


  • Plan Boundary
  • Relationship to the MD 355/I-270 Corridor
  • Relationship to the City of Rockville

Major Planning Issues
Plan Goals
Key Recommendations

Land Use and Zoning (pdf, 1.9MB)*
Existing Land Use and Zoning

  • Metro Core Area
  • Technology Employment Area
  • Light Industrial Area

Proposed Land Use and Zoning

  • Metro Core Area
  • Technology Employment Area
  • Light Industrial Area

Urban Design (pdf, 2.12MB)*
Existing Conditions
TOMX Zone Design Standards and Guidelines
District Recommendations

  • Metro Core Area
  • Technology Employment Area
  • Light Industrial Area


  • Pedestrian System
  • Street Character

Buildings and the Public Realm

  • Metro Core
  • Technology Employment Area
  • Light Industrial Area

Public Amenities and Facilities

Environmental Resources (pdf, 657KB)*
Existing Conditions

  • Pervious Surface/Water Quality
  • Stormwater Management
  • Noise
  • Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency

Transportation (pdf, 2.1MB)*
Existing Conditions

  • Pedestrian System
  • Bicycle System
  • Public Transportation System
  • Future Transitway Alignments
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • Road System
  • Roadway Rights-of-Way and Standards
  • Parking Requirements

Historic Resources (pdf, 2.29MB)*

Community Facilities (pdf, 1.98MB)*
Parks and Recreation

  • Paths and Community Connectors
  • Recreation Needs Assessment

Community Recreation Centers
Public Schools

  • Capacity Estimates

Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services

Implementation (pdf, 1144KB)*
Zoning Recommendations
Zoning Ordinance Amendments
Public Improvements for Redevelopment
Capital Improvements Program

Appendix (pdf, 56KB)*

Planning Process

  • Community Outreach

Aknowledgments (pdf, 63KB)*

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