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Damascus Master Plan

Purpose and Outreach Strategy Report, January 30, 2003

Table of Contents (pdf, 44KB)

Part I: Introduction (pdf, 524KB)
Purpose of Master Plan
Proposed Master Plan Boundaries
Summary of Recommendations and Implementation from the 1982 Master Plan, and 1985 and 1993 Amendments
Damascus Master Plan Area Today

Part II: Planning Issues (pdf, 258KB)
Land Use and Zoning
Transportation and Pedestrian Access
Environment and Watershed Protection
Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Legacy Open Space
Community Facilities
Historic Preservation
Other Issues

Part III: Proposed Master Plan Process (pdf, 148KB)
Proposed Community Outreach Strategy
Tentative Master Plan Schedule

Part IV: Appendices (pdf, 359KB)
Master Plan Implementation Report
Summary Discussion of Damascus November 12 and 19, 2002 Public Meetings

List of Illustrations
Figure 1: Location Map (pdf, 33KB)
Figure 2: Existing Planning Areas and Traffic Zones (pdf, 28KB)
Figure 3: Proposed Damascus Master Plan Boundaries (pdf, 29KB)
Figure 4: Existing Damascus Land Uses (pdf, 496KB)