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Environmental Resources Inventory, Upper Rock Creek Watershed

January 2000

Environmental Resources Inventory coverMenu

Details of Publication
Existing Environmental Conditions
Regulatory and Policy Framework for Environmental Planning in the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
List of Tables
List of Figures

Details of Publication

Introduction and Executive Summary
Description of the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
Summary of Environmental Resources
Environmental Policy Framework

Existing Environmental Conditions

  • Geology and Soils
    • Topography and Slopes
  • General Characteristics of Vegetation and Sensitive Areas
    • Existing Forest Resources
    • Wetlands
    • Habitats of Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species and Areas Likely to Contain Unusual Biological Communities
    • Wildlife and Fish
      • Forest Interior and Riparian Forest Habitat
      • Grassland and Edge Habitat
      • Wildlife Management Concerns
  • Watershed Character
    • Stream Water Quality
      • Historical Data
      • Current Conditions
    • Watershed Management
      • Lakes Needwood and Frank
      • The 100-year Floodplain
      • Dam Breach
    • Groundwater
  • Sensitive Areas and Wetlands
  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Solid Waste/Landfills
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Systems

Regulatory and Policy Framework for Environmental Planning in the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
Stream Water Quality Management
Tributary Strategies
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
Clean Water Action Plan
Watershed Protection and Restoration
Watershed Restoration Action Plan
Stormwater Management
Floodplain Management
Solid Waste
State Smart Growth Initiatives
Sensitive Areas Protection and Biodiversity
Forest Conservation
Wetland Laws and Regulations
Air Quality Policies and Regulations
Noise Regulation
Water Supply and Sewerage


Environmentally Sensitive Areas
County-wide Stream Protection Strategy
Data Collection
Management Categories
Watershed Preservation Areas
Watershed Protection Areas
Watershed Restoration Areas
Urban Watershed Management Areas
Agricultural Watershed Management Area
Existing Subwatershed Imperviousness
Fish Species of Upper Rock Creek
Forest Inventory
Criteria for Classification
Determination of Significant Forest Blocks
Wetland Assessment Groups (WAGs) Upper Rock Creek Mainstream

List of Tables

  1. Existing Parkland Distribution in the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
  2. Slopes in the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
  3. Forest by Type
  4. Significant Forest
  5. Wetlands by Type
  6. Wetlands Functional Values
  7. Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plant Species
  8. Sensitive Areas, Forest, and Agriculture
  9. Chronology of Environmental Policy and Regulatory Actions
  10. Floodplain and Stormwater Management Responsibilities

A-1 Existing Parkland Ownership in the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
A-2 Fish Species Collected in the Upper Rock Creek Watershed
A-3 Forest Interior Dwelling Bird Species

List of Figures

  1. Vicinity Map
  2. Parkland and Agriculture
  3. Geology
  4. Soils with Severe Limitations to Septic Systems
  5. Topography
  6. Forest by Type
  7. Significant Forest
  8. Wetlands by Type
  9. Priority Wetlands
  10. Countywide Stream Protection Strategy - Subwatersheds
  11. Countywide Stream Protection Strategy - Subwatershed Condition
  12. Countywide Stream Protection Strategy - Management Categories
  13. RSAT Stream Assessment
  14. Floodplain and Dam Breach Impact Areas
  15. Sensitive Areas
  16. Traffic Noise Impact Areas
  17. Water Service Areas
  18. Sewer Service Area
  19. Environmental Policy Sources To Guide Master Planning
  20. Smart Growth - Priority Funding Areas