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Germantown flythrough


Germantown’s Future
The 2009 Sector Plan envisions a compact Town Center and a series of mixed use employment centers along the I-270 Corridor.  Looking at the westside of I-270, this movie illustrates with the Sector Plan’s allowed density.   

A Transformation  
The Town Center will be transformed from a 1 and 2- story place into a high rise urban center clustered around the future transit station.  With high rise buildings and structured parking, it will feel more urban than the Washingtonian along I-270. Looking towards Middlebrook Road, this is heart of the Town Center.  MD 118, to the left of the image, will have a boulevard character with double row of street trees and 6 to 8 story office buildings lining the roadway.  

Civic Uses
The Town Center is currently the home of the Up County Government Center, BlackRock Center of the Arts, the library and M-NCPPC’s Urban Park behind the library. All of these civic uses contribute to the life and vitality of the Town Center.  Redevelopment adjacent to these civic uses is expected to occur over time.

Hierarchy of Streets
MD 118, on the right side of the image, with its boulevard character is a significant contrast to the pedestrian oriented scale of Century Boulevard.  A variety of street types helps orientation and serves different land uses. 

A Promenade          
Century Boulevard is the Town Center’s Promenade.  It will have wide sidewalks, outdoor cafes, restaurants, retail stores and urban open spaces.  Building heights will be 4 to 5 story buildings.  The Up County Government Center and new urban park anchor this end of the Promenade. The life of the Town Center will be along this street.

Civic Green  
The Town Commons, in front of the BlackRock Center for the Arts, faces the Promenade and will become the focus of community gathering and events.   Looking east, the Promenade extends to the Town Center transit station.

Town  Center Transit Station     
The Corridor Cities Transitway Station will have a high rise character with the highest density and tallest buildings in the Town Center.  Locates residences and jobs close to transit.  The transit station will have a neighborhood green along Century Boulevard.

Town Center’s I-270 Properties
Tall, mixed use commercial buildings are envisioned to the east of the Transit Station.  This area also has high densities because it is within walking distance of the transit station and has excellent visibility from I-270.  Base buildings of 3 to 4 stories will have towers set back to achieve a human scale to the street and minimize shadows. 

Century Boulevard
The Corridor Cities Transitway will be located in the median of Century Boulevard with 5 to 6 story buildings lining the street. Looking up into the Cloverleaf District, the character of changes into a mid rise community.  Signature office buildings of 8 to 10 stories is envisioned along I-270.

Cloverleaf Center     
Locating high-density housing and commercial buildings close to transit stations is a major principle of the Sector Plan.   The center of Cloverleaf will be a high rise, urban place with the CCT transit station at its center.  Urban open spaces will be integrated into development providing sidewalk cafes, walking, and passive recreation. 

The Design Guidelines illustrate how to arrange development in a manner that will transform Germantown into an urban place with active sidewalks, tree lined streets and attractive outdoor spaces for residents and workers to enjoy.     

For More Information                   
Contact Karen Kumm, Master Planner/Urban Designer