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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

Annual Development Approval and Congestion (ADAC) Report

Montgomery County, July 2004


Executive Summary (pdf, 290KB)
Introduction (pdf, 139KB)
Development Approvals & Planned Transportation Improvements (pdf, 517KB)
Primer on Measuring & tracking Traffic Congestion (pdf, 545KB)
Current Congestion (pdf, 2.23MB)
Projected Congestion (pdf, 327KB)
Transportation Improvement Priorities (pdf, 1.02MB)
Items to Add in Next Report (pdf, 71KB)
Appendix A - Cooperative Forecasts 2000-2010 by PolicyArea (pdf, 54KB)
Appendix B - Residential Development Approvals (pdf, 74KB)
Appendix C - Peak Hour Trip Generation from Residential Development Approvals, by Policy Area (pdf, 65KB)
Appendix D - Non-Residential Development Approvals (pdf, 79KB)
Appendix E - Major FY2004-2009 Maryland CTP Construction Projects (pdf, 49KB)
Appendix F - Major FY2005-2010 Montgomery County CIP Construction Projects (pdf, 41KB)
Appendix G - Major FY2004-2009 Maryland CTP Development & Evaluation (Project Planning) Projects (pdf, 75KB)
Appendix H - Major FY2005-2010 Montgomery County CIP Facility Planning Projects (pdf, 66KB)
Appendix I - Critical Lane Volumes at Signalized Intersections (pdf, 924KB)
Appendix J - Graphs from DASH Data Archive (pdf, 650KB)
Appendix K- Off Peak Critical Lane Volumes (pdf, 115KB)
Appendix L - Charts from Motion Maps LLC (pdf, 1.49MB)
Appendix M - Location of CHART Detectors in Montgomery County (pdf, 35KB)
Appendix N - Results from TRAVEL/2 Model Runs by Policy Area (pdf, 181KB)

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