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20 Images About the Future

Celebrating Diversity in MoCo Pecha Kucha Contest

View video proceedings of 20 Images about the Future: Celebrating Diversity in MoCo, the Planning Department’s Pecha Kucha contest held October 7, 2010. The hour-long proceedings highlight all nine presentations, or view each video clip below.

Eight participants entered presentations in the Pecha Kucha contest. View individual presentations:

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Individual presentations

Introduction by Rollin Stanley

You Are What You Eat – A Tour of the Purple Linewinnerwinner

Montgomery County: Where We've Been, Where We're Going

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Diversity in Our Sign Language: A Day in the Life of Silver Spring Signs

Evolving Options for Local Travel

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Takoma/Langley Crossroads - A Stop Along Maryland's International Corridor

Long Branch: One of MoCo’s Most Diverse Communities

Diversity and Montgomery County’s Future


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