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Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA)

Montgomery County, Maryland

Operation and administration of the MPDU program takes place within a unit of the division of Housing and Code Enforcement of DHCA.

Builders notify DHCA when units are to be offered for sale or rent. DHCA certifies the eligibility of individuals and families who want to purchase or rent units under the program, enters into agreements with builders for staging the construction of the units, establishes the MPDU sales and rental prices and oversees the selection of potential buyers and renters through a lottery selection process.

DHCA also enforces the occupancy and resale provisions of the law and oversees the resale of existing units. All of the houses offered for sale are sold through a lottery type system to insure everyone on the eligibility list has an equal chance of purchasing an MPDU. However, priority is given to persons who live or work in Montgomery County. Persons who have owned residential property in the past five years may not be eligible to participate in the program. Rental units are leased on a first-come, first served basis after notification from DHCA.