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Easement Locator Tool

  1. Find easements with the mouse and zoom bar, or by typing a place or address into the entry box (top, right).
  2. Click the blue “i” in the "identify" box, then click on a property on the map for more information.
  3. Report an easement violation by clicking the corresponding box and following the directions on screen.

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Forest conservation easement Tree save easement Abandoned easement

DISCLAIMER: Property boundaries were developed for general planning purposes. The line work is within 2½ feet, plus/minus. The easement boundaries were derived from the property lines using the Maryland State Archives. A licensed land surveyor should be contacted if more detailed accuracy is required. This map may not reflect the most current conditions in any one location and may not be completely accurate or up to date

Reporting a violation

If you witness a potential violation in an easement, use the above application to notify us. Typical violations include:

  • Mowing, grading or paving, or removal of understory in a Forest Conservation Easement
  • Construction of permanent structures in either a Forest Conservation Easement or a Tree Save Easement
  • Clearing or grading more than 5,000 square feet outside an easement also may be a violation. Forest conservation requirements may be necessary, so contact the Planning Department prior to starting any activity

For more information: go to Are you subject to the Forest Conservation Law?