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Public Project: King Street Streetscape

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The King Street Streetscaping project included streetscape along the north side of King Street from Eastern Avenue to Georgia Avenue. The objectives were to provide a more attractive business area, improve the pedestrian environment and complete the remaining streetscape (north side) for this segment of King Street. The project included new street tree plantings, brick sidewalks, new lighting, ornamental metal fencing and other site furnishings.


Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Contact: Patricia Shepherd

Opportunities for Public Participation


Planning Board Review Process & Case Number

Mandatory Referral No. 01110-DH&CA-2.

Planning Board Action

Administrative approval, October 22, 2001.

Notes From M-NCPPC Staff Contact


M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Bill Barron, Team Leader

Date of last update: October 12, 2009