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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

Capitol View & Vicinity Sector Plan

Approved and Adopted 1982

Please be aware that the page numbering shown on each page does not apply to this media. The numbers shown at the bottom of each page do not correspond to the printed version of the Master Plan. The complete document is represented by the index below.

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Table of Contents

Plan Highlights


The Community
Existing Land Use
The Environment
Transportation Systems

Sector Plan for Capitol View and Vicinity
The Plan

  • Planning Framework
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Opportunities and Constraints

Land Use Plan
Transportation Plan

  • Proposed Highway System
  • Proposed Transit System
  • Proposed Pedestrian and Bicycle System

Community Facilities Plan
Zoning Plan
Historic Preservation

  • Proposed Historic District



Noise Reduction


List of Figures

  1. Sector Plan Location
  2. Sector Plan Area
  3. Existing Land Use
  4. Soils and Slopes
  5. Drainage Basins
  6. Potential Noise Impact Areas - 1995
  7. 1980 Average Daily Traffic
  8. 1980 P.M. Peak Hour Volumes
  9. Street and highway Plan (Adopted Kensington-Wheaton Master Plan, 1959)
  10. Forest Glen Metro Station Plan
  11. Major Developed/Underdeveloped Parcels
  12. 100-Year Ultimate Floodplains
  13. Generalized Conservation Area
  14. Land Use Plan
  15. Proposed Realignment - Capitol View Avenue
  16. Proposed Road Improvements
  17. Proposed Pedestrian/Bicycle Network
  18. Community Facilities Plan
  19. Existing Zoning
  20. Proposed Zoning
  21. Proposed Historic District