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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

White Oak Master Plan

Approved & Adopted 1997

Contact: Renee Kamen, 301-495-4723 or


Table of Contents

Reference Materials

Plan Highlights
Communities and Commercial Centers
Transportation Network
Community Facilitlies and Linkages


General Description of the Master Plan Area
Conformance with Maryland Planning Act of 1992 and the General Plan
Rationale for Chosen Priorities
The Communities of the White Oak Master Plan Area
Population Character
Employment Profile

Plan Framework
Vision for the Future
Concept - Livable Communities

Land Use And Zoning

  • Current Land Use Patterna and Existing Zoning
  • Land Use and Zoning Goal
    • Federal Facilities
    • Housing
    • Undeveloped Land
    • Special Exceptions
    • Commercial Centers
    • White Oak Commercial Center
    • Colesville Commercial Center
    • Hillandale Commercial Center
    • Burnt Mills Commercial Center
    • General


  • Transportation Goal
    • Transit Service
    • Transportation Demand Management
    • Road Network
    • Intersection Improvements
    • Streetscape Improvements
    • Pedestrian Circulation  

Community Facilities

  • Community Facilities Goal
    • Libraries
    • Community Recreation Centers
    • Cultural Facilties and Public Services
    • Elderly Housing and Services
    • Daycare
    • Housing and Services for Special Populations
    • Public Safety
    • Post Office
    • Schools
    • Park and Recreation Facilities
    • Greenways

Environmental Resources

  • Approach to Environmental Resource Protection in White Oak
  • Environmental Goal
  • Water Resources
    • Paint Branch
    • Northwest Branch
  • Air Quality
  • Forest and Tree Protection
  • Noise
  • Water and Sewer Service

Historic Preservation
Plan Objectives

Special Studies
Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

List of Figures

  1. Communities and Commercial Centers
  2. Transportation Network
  3. Community Facilities and Linkages
  4. Environment
  5. Relationship to Eastern Montgomery County
  6. Regional Locations
  7. White Oak Master Plan Boundaries and Landmarks
  8. White Oak Master Plan Population Forecast
  9. Existing Zoning
  10. Existing Land Use
  11. Location of Undeveloped Land
  12. Dow Jones Property
  13. Zoning Plan
  14. Land Use Plan
  15. White Oak Commercial Center
  16. Lockwood Drive Perspective
  17. Colesville Commercial Center
  18. Vital Way Perspective
  19. Hillandale Commercial Center
  20. Burnt Mills Commercial Center
  21. Existing Bus Service Coverage Area
  22. Street and Highway Plan
  23. Proposed New Hampshire Avenue Modification
  24. Lockwood Drive Closed Section Arterial
  25. Business District Street Improvements
  26. Streetscape Improvements
  27. Bikeway Plan
  28. Community Facilties Plan
  29. Park Plan
  30. Major Pedestrian Circulation Network & Destination
  31. Greenways Plan
  32. Watershed
  33. Sensitive Areas Protection
  34. Environmental Restoration and Special Protection Areas
  35. Historic Resources

List of Tables

  1. White Oak Highlights
  2. Summary of Existing Land Use in the White Oak Master Plan Area
  3. Roadway Classifications
  4. Proposed Sidewalks and Pedestrian Improvements
  5. Bikeway Classifications
  6. Summary of Stream Valley Trails
  7. White Oak Master Plan Historic Resources