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Damascus Master Plan

"Damascus is a small town surrounded by the agricultural and rural open spaces of the County's Agricultural Reserve. It is a town that offers community oriented commercial uses, a variety of housing types, a mix of uses in the Town Center, and a Town Center surrounded by single-family residential neighborhoods. The protected area of the agricultural and rural open spaces buffers Damascus from the more intense growth patterns in adjoining master plan areas and adjoining counties. The Plan provides a moderate amount of planned growth in the area, oriented primarily in and adjoining the Town Center..."

From the Community Vision, Damascus Master Plan (2006), p. 1


  • View slide presentation from the November 30, 2015 Damascus Master Plan Area Community Meeting.

Master Plans and Documents

Damascus Master Plan Archives

May 2006

Sectional Map Amendment Process

May 2006

Planning Board Draft with approved County Council Resolution

April 2006

Damascus Bypass Meetings and Information:
Meeting Flyer (pdf, 54KB)*
Background Information on the Damascus Bypass (pdf, 139KB)*
Map of Focus Area for Bypass Study
Land Reservation for a Bypass Route Planning Board Public Meeting

April 2006

Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) Committee Worksession Schedule

December 2005

Schedule of Master Plan Phases

December 2004-July 2005

Planning Board Worksessions

October 2004

Public Hearing Draft (Full Text)

September 2004

Staff Draft Executive Summary(pdf, 406KB)*
Staff Draft (Full Text)

September 2004

Master Plan Review Committee Update

Fall 2004

Master Plan Process Primer (pdf, 117KB)*
Master Plan Amendment Process

January 2003

Purpose and Outreach Strategy Report

November 2002


Staff Contacts

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