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Silver Spring Baptist Church 

Current Name: First Baptist Church of Silver Spring

830-832 Wayne Avenue and 8415 Fenton Street

The Silver Spring Historical Society has nominated the Silver Spring Baptist Church property for historic designation and has submitted a research form detailing the history and architecture of the resource.


Planning Board Consideration

The Planning Board will consider the proposed designation of the Silver Spring Baptist Church to the Master Plan for Historic Preservation. The meeting that had been scheduled for May 26 has been postponed. A new date for Planning Board consideration will be posted as soon as it is set.

Historic Preservation Commission: Public Hearing and Worksession

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, the HPC held a public hearing and worksession to evaluate this potential historic resource. The HPC voted 6-2 to recommend the resource be neither added to the Locational Atlas nor designated on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation.

Process of historic designation

More information about the public hearing

The purpose of this meeting is to hear comments from owners, interested parties and the public. Immediately following the public meeting, the HPC will consider public testimony and staff recommendations and then develop their own recommendation to the Montgomery County Planning Board as to whether or not this property should be included in the Locational Atlas and Index of Historic Sites and/or the Master Plan for Historic Preservation. The Commission’s recommendation will be based on the criteria set forth in Chapter 24A-3 of the Montgomery County Code. The Planning Board, County Executive and the County Council each evaluate the resources, with County Council making the final determination as to whether this property is eligible for designation.

Implications of historic designation

If the property is included in the Master Plan, then it will fall under the jurisdiction of the Historic Preservation Ordinance (Chapter 24A of the Montgomery County Code) and all new construction, exterior alterations and demolition plans would need to be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission before the issuance of any permits. Properties that are designated on the Master Plan are eligible for State and local tax credits for repair, maintenance and/or restoration projects. You are encouraged to attend the public hearing or submit written comments to the Commission at 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, 20910. If you plan to testify at the hearing, please call our office to sign up, at 301-563-3400.

Staff Contact

Clare Lise Kelly, Research & Designation Coordinator

Date of last update: March 23, 2011