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Greenwich Forest, Animal Industry, Higgins Cemetery

Amendment to the Master Plan for Historic Preservation

7-23-09 049.jpg Building Front (east).jpg Stone marker.jpg

The County Council on June 28, 2011 designated the Greenwich Forest Historic District, the Bureau of Animal Industry Building and the Higgins Family Cemetery on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation. Download the Approved and Adopted Amendment11.5MB for those three resources. Also available:

Planning Board Review

Planning Board and Historic Preservation Commission Evaluation

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

For information about historic designation: 
Clare Lise Kelly, Research & Designation Coordinator

For information about Historic Area Work Permits or Historic Preservation Tax Credits: 
Anne Fothergill, Historic Preservation Planner
Joshua Silver, Historic Preservation Planner

If you need to speak with someone in our office please call us at: 301-563-3400 

Date of last update: September 13, 2012