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Glenmont Historic Resources

The County Council took action to designate the Georgia Avenue Baptist Church a historic site on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation. This action was part of the Glenmont Sector Plan update.


31/46 Georgia Avenue Baptist Church, 12525 Georgia Ave


Georgia Avenue Baptist Church is a noteworthy example of mid-century modern religious architecture.  The main auditorium, designed by architect Theodore Bennett, is banked into the sloping land, and features asymmetrical glass window walls.  The education wing, designed by Vosbeck-Ward & Associates, is sheathed with TECFAB panels, prefabricated concrete perlite panels which represent local technology and innovation.  The congregation has a long history in the community. The Maryland Historical Trust finds the Georgia Avenue Baptist Church is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

MIHP 31/46: Georgia Avenue Baptist Church

Maryland Historical Trust preliminary evaluation

Other historic resources in the Glenmont area are listed below. These resources were not designated on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation.

Resource # Historic Name (Current Name) Address Tax ID

Americana Glenmont Apartments (Glenmont Forest)

2300 Glenmont Cir 13-00975436

Kensington Vol Fire Dept #18, Glenmont Station

12251 Georgia Ave 13-00965701

Wheaton-Glenmont Police Station, 4th Dist

2300 Randolph Rd 13-00971702

Glenmont Water Tower  

12413 Georgia Ave 13-00983106


M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Clare Lise Kelly, Research & Designation Coordinator

Last updated: March 31, 2014