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About the Locator Wizard Development Activity Information


Site Plan
A Site Plan is a detailed review of a proposed development as required by zoning, MPDU or TDR options, and the Optional Method of Development. Site Plan review usually follows or is concurrent with a Subdivision Plan and may place additional requirements or conditions on the development. The Locator Wizard represents Site Plans with a red boundary and a number starting with "8".

Subdivision Plan
A Subdivision Plan, also known as a Preliminary Plan, is a review of the general scheme of the proposed development and is required when subdividing or resubdividing land. The Locator Wizard represents Subdivision Plans with a green boundary and a number starting with "1". If a Site Plan follows a Subdivision Plan, the Site Plan boundary overlays the Subdivision boundary. A Subdivision Plan boundary could also contain several Site Plans, each Site Plan represented as overlaying the Subdivision Plan.


These Plans are updated on a nightly basis via an automated process from data inputted by the Development Review Division.

The status of the development is dependent upon inspector's input into the system as well as the construction building permits issued against the individual properties within the plan.