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Montgomery Plans

Our bimonthly cable show, produced in collaboration with County Cable Montgomery, highlights the activities of the Montgomery County Planning Board and its professional planning staff. Our program looks at the important land use issues facing those who live and work in Montgomery County. Each month, we’ll highlight issues that affect you – smart growth, transportation, forest conservation, environmental protection, historic preservation and more.

In 2010, we revamped the show into 30-minute episodes featuring four segments:

  • Plans in the News: Highlighting top news from the Planning Board
  • Plans in Focus: An in-depth look at a planning topic
  • Plans Going Green: A close look at green initiatives in the county
  • Plans Around Town: Informative neighborhood walking tours

View each show in its entirety or click on desired segment.

Montgomery Plans, Fall 2013

View the full episode.

Plans in the News

The Board recommends denial of a special exception that would allow Costco gas pumps at Wheaton Mall and, with County Council members, tours the Chevy Chase Lake planning area.

Plans in Focus

A plan for a new transit network is targeted at some of the county’s most congested areas.

Plans Going Green

Opportunities for county residents to safely recycle confidential documents.

Plans Around Town

In a walking tour of Long Branch, our planners describe changes envisioned in the sector plan in progress.

Previous episodes

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Date of last update: May 10, 2013