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info This page is no longer updated

Where to Get Property Maps

The Maryland State Archives now has plat maps for properties in Montgomery County online.

To successfully retrieve several steps need to be completed and you will need your plat number. You may wish to print out this page as you move within the State of Maryland Archives Website.


  1. Go to the State of Maryland Archives Website at To gain access you will need to add a user id and password. Enter plato as your user id and plato# as your password and hit enter.
  2. Select Montgomery County on the page that appears. Select "Montgomery County Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats."
  3. On the search page, enter the PL number in the box titled "Plat Number." Hit the search button.
  4. On the next page click on the link to the far right. When the page appears, click on the one link in the "Images" section. Your map should appear on the screen.

To print a copy of the map:

  1. Look for the "crop" icon on the tool bar of the page that is showing your map. It looks a little rectangle with a plus sign in its lower right hand corner. Click this button.
  2. Put your cursor in the upper lefthand corner of the map and drag over to the right uphand corner and then drag down to the bottom of the page to enclose the map in a box.
  3. Next find the "scissors" icon on the tool bar. Click this button. Your map will disappear from the page.
  4. Minimize your map page and open a word processing software such as Word or Word Perfect.
  5. Go to "Edit" in the tool bar and press "Paste". Your map will now appear in the word processing software. You can resize the image by grabbing the box in the at the bottom right hand corner of the map and dragging it outward.
  6. To print, go through the usual steps under "File" on your tool bar.