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Master Plan of Bikeways

bikeways mapThe 1978 Master Plan of Bikeways was the first countywide functional master plan that focused entirely on identifying and improving the County’s bicycle transportation network. Numerous master plans, sector plans, functional plans, and park trails plans have amended the County’s bicycle network over the past 30 years. This interactive map combines the bikeway recommendations from these plans into a single map.

Bikeways in Montgomery County are planned at two geographic levels:

  • Countywide Bikeways: Provide connections to major destinations: municipalities, central business districts, town centers, employment centers, transit centers, and regional parks and trails. They function as the skeleton of the County’s bikeway network. Countywide bikeways are identified in both the 2005 Countywide Bikeways Functional Master Plan and local area master plans and are designated as shared use paths (SP), bike lanes (BL), signed shared roadways (SR) and dual bikeways (DB).
  • Local / Neighborhood Bikeways: Provide important connections from Countywide Bikeways to community facilities such as schools, libraries, community and recreation centers and local retail centers. Identified as part of community master plans and sector plans. They are identified in Area Master Plans and Sector Plans and are designated in a variety of ways: B, EB, L, LB, and PB.

Four bikeway classifications are included in Montgomery County master plans:

  • Shared Use Path: An 8 ft to 10 ft asphalt or concrete path that is separated from motorized traffic either by barrier or a minimum five-foot landscape panel. These facilities may be located within a roadway right-of-way and parallel the road (Great Seneca Highway) or within an independent right-of-way (North Bethesda Trail). They are intended to also be used by pedestrians, skaters, wheelchair users, joggers and other non-motorized users.
  • Bicycle Lane: A portion of a roadway which has been designated by striping, signing and pavement markings for preferential or exclusive use of bicyclists.  Consists of a 4 ft to 6 ft lane in each direction, with traffic flow.
  • Signed Shared Roadway: A roadway open to both bicycle and motor vehicle travel. This may be an existing roadway, street with wide curb lanes, or road with paved shoulders. Types include wide outside curb lanes, bikeable shoulders, and low volume / low speed streets.
  • Dual Bikeways: A roadway that features two types of bikeways: 1) shared use path and bike lanes, or 2) shared use path and shared roadway / travel lane. The dual bikeway accommodates both on-road and off-road bicycling along the same roadway.

Find a bikeway

Transportation planners have mapped the existing and proposed bikeways and existing hard surface park trails. This map is a policy map and is not intended as a bicycling map of Montgomery County.

Please note: This map has not been approved or adopted by the Montgomery County Council or the Montgomery County Planning Board and should be used for general planning purposes only. The information shown is intended solely to provide an overview of the classification of master planned bikeways and is a supplemental guide to but not a substitute for Approved and Adopted Area Master Plans, Sector Plans, and the Countywide Bikeways Functional Master Plan. This map is a beta version currently under development; help us improve it by submitting your comments below.

bikeways map legend

*Existing non-master plan bikeways are striped.

Submit a comment

If you would like to recommend a bikeway or find an error in the map, such as a missing bikeway or a bikeway that is incorrectly labeled as existing or proposed, please submit it to the staff contact below. The interactive map includes tools in the upper left corner that allow the user to make comments by adding text, lines, points, and polygons to the map.

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

David Anspacher
Functional Planning and Policy Division

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