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Greening Montgomery County by planting trees

The Montgomery County Planning Department has launched a tree planting program, Leaves for Neighborhoods, to increase the county’s tree canopy on residential property. Partner with us by planting shade trees in your yard – with help from a $40 coupon when you buy a tree with a retail value of $75 at participating nurseries. Download coupon.

The State of Maryland is working with businesses and communities to plant 1 million trees by 2011 and has issued a coupon that can be used with the Leaves for Neighborhood discount. Learn more.

Environmental benefits

  • Trees protect soil and help prevent erosion
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide and improve local air quality
  • Trees filter stormwater runoff to improve local water quality in streams, rivers and tributaries
  • Native trees are drought-tolerant and need less water than non-native trees
  • Your actions result in proactive environmental stewardship

Economic benefits

  • Trees can increase residential property values by as much as 15 percent
  • Shade trees can lower energy (heating and air-conditioning) costs by 15-30 percent
  • Proper placement of trees on your property can block wind, further increasing energy savings

The Leaves for Neighborhoods campaign is funded by the Montgomery County Forest Conservation Fund, which requires reforestation or a fee in lieu payment into the fund as part of the development review process. Learn more about the County’s Forest Conservation Law.

Participating Nurseries and Garden Centers


Tree species

Kenwood neighborhood.

Adapted to Montgomery County’s climate, soils and terrain in the Piedmont region, native trees often need less water and maintenance and attract birds, butterflies, squirrels, small animals and deer whose habitat is minimized by land development. Some birds pollinate flowers and consume garden pests. And of course, butterflies, amphibians, and birds in the yard are fun to watch. View Leaves for Neighborhoods qualifying trees.

Tree Planting Tips

Learn more about how to plant a tree with the best success for long-term survival.

Date of last update: March 4, 2013