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Development Activity in Montgomery County

Search and view development project descriptions, maps, plans, progress, and more.
Type in a development project's application number (9 digits/letters; ex: 120090060 or 82008002A) or search phrase and press 'Search'.

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Important Note: The Commission provides the Development Activity Information Center as a convenience to users. We are continuously adding to and updating the development data and documents that are available online. At any point, there may be a document that has not yet been posted or revised. To view the complete record on a development project, users are encouraged to visit the information counter at 8787 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. While you are online, if you believe you have found data or documents to be in error or if you cannot find the document you are searching for, please contact us at Given the volume of work that we do, M-NCPPC cannot guarantee that all data or documents will be available online.