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ReThink Speakers

Health June 3, 2010
How can we encourage new development that better connects our community to the natural world?
Speaker: Joan Almon (Alliance for Childhood) Watch. (06/03/2010)

Energy May 27, 2010
Mr. Schaal spoke about the outlook for future energy demand in the world and the United States. He pointed out that technology is helping us save energy; for example, the energy savings from more efficient appliances have helped keep US energy demand steady, even as we use more gadgets like cell phones and laptops. For planners seeking to redesign communities to be more energy efficient, however, he stressed that turning around infrastructure is a long process.
Speaker: A. Michael Schaal (Energy Information Administration). Watch. (05/27/2010)

Ecology May 20, 2010
How can we encourage new development that better connects our community to the natural world?
Speaker: Kate Herrod (Director of Ashoka’s Community Greens). Watch. (05/20/2010)

Economy May 13, 2010
To strengthen local economies, successful communities have cultivated locally based, creative, entrepreneurial enterprises. In his presentation, Shuman outlines the benefits of such enterprises, as well as strategies to stimulate the development of a local economy built on a foundation of locally owned businesses. He also details the role he sees for local governments to help create an environment that allows local businesses to thrive.
Speaker: Michael Shuman (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies). Watch. (05/13/2010)

Culture May 6, 2010
Despite the fact that Montgomery is about to become a non-anglo majority County, we still have "a way" of doing things, sometimes, as former Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson pointed out, the same 200 people moving from room to room to make decisions. So how do we plan for a changing community?
Speakers: Tebabu Assefa (IMPACT Silver Spring), Rassa Davoodpour (Montgomery County Government), Megan Moriarty (IMPACT Silver Spring), Reemberto Rodriguez (Silver Spring Regional Center). Watch. (05/06/2010)

Resources April 29, 2010
There’s a new approach to that great American pastime–consumption–that may inspire thrift and creativity. ReStore and Forklift resell used building materials from doorknobs to floor joists. And they accept donations, from a contractor who ordered the wrong item or a homeowner sick of storing the half box of tiles from a years-ago renovation. Amicus does all the homework to help you make the best green building decisions for your lifestyle and budget.
Speakers: Adeela Abbasi (Habitat ReStore), Ruthie Mundell (Community Forklift), Jason Holstine (Founder and President of Amicus Green Building Center). Watch. (04/29/2010)

Food April 22, 2010
Do you know where your food comes from? Probably not from Montgomery County, even if you shop at one of the County’s 14 farm markets, and even though nearly one third of the County’s land is in the Agricultural Reserve. How can rural communities remain vital in metropolitan influenced areas? The panel discussed the difficulty of farming in Montgomery County.
Speakers: Ben Allnutt (Homestead Farms), Wade Butler (Butler Orchards), Gordon Clark (Montgomery Victory Gardens), Jeremy Criss (Dept. of Economic Development Agricultural Services Division). Watch. (04/08/2010)

InfrastructureApril 15, 2010
Our speakers talked about making (or trying to make) the suburbs more bike friendly for cyclists, both commuters and recreational riders. What are the connections we can make in our plans, policies, maintenance and management structures that will build a long-term commitment to making Montgomery safely and enjoyably bike-able?
Speakers: Casey Anderson (Washington Area Bicyclist Association), Richard Layman (Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space). Watch. (04/15/2010)

Knowledge April 8, 2010
Technology is changing the way we communicate. Our news sources are shifting from print journalism to blogging. How does this transformation affect the field of planning? Does blogging help bring in a broader pool of participants and ideals? Does it make planning more accessible and equitable? Join five local bloggers as we ReThink the way knowledge is shared in Montgomery County.
Speakers: David Alpert (Greater Greater Washington), Cindy Cotte Griffiths (Rockville Central), Dan Reed (Just Up the Pike), Eric Robbins (Thayer Avenue), Barnaby Zall (Friends of White Flint). Watch. (04/08/2010)