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ReThink Montgomery Speaker Series

Rapidly shifting demographics, economics and lifestyles present an opportunity for Montgomery County to re-examine the way we think about growth.

The 2010 Montgomery County Planning Department speaker series, Rethink Montgomery, focuses on ways to connect culture, health, food, knowledge, ecology, economy, infrastructure, resources, and energy in the context of significant change. How we link those elements of sustainability will define Montgomery County for the next several decades. Join us for our community discussion.

Our spring speakers series brought insight to a host of livability issues. video View all presentations and learn more about the Planning Departmentís initiative to better understand the elements of sustainability.


Montgomery County as it is today was created by a series of considered decisions, from a king's land grant to an open government charter committee. It is also shaped by our physical environment — our location between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, and the Potomac and the Chesapeake — and successful systems like the Agricultural Reserve, Metro system and public schools.

Yet, as the county and the world around it changes, all facets of Montgomery County deserve examination as we manage new kinds of growth.