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noun: a source of supply or support

Montgomery County has few natural resources or raw materials. The gold and building stone mined in the 19th century were not nearly as valuable as land — first coveted as farmland, then as real estate for residential development.

Proximity to the nation's capital is an asset available to only a few jurisdictions in the country. With the county mostly built out, our challenge now is to use that previous resource – land – in the wisest way as we continue to attract new residents.

How do we allocate land and other scarce resources to embrace the stability of the federal government yet create opportunities for an expanded creative and entrepreneurial economy?


6,000number of ounces of Placer gold discovered at Great Falls during the Civil War
2.36billion dollars generated by the county's biosciences industry in 2008
9,200number of bioscience workers in Montgomery County
49,000number of federal agency workers in Montgomery County

ReThink Speakers

There’s a new approach to that great American pastime–consumption–that may inspire thrift and creativity. ReStore and Forklift resell used building materials from doorknobs to floor joists. And they accept donations, from a contractor who ordered the wrong item or a homeowner sick of storing the half box of tiles from a years-ago renovation. Amicus does all the homework to help you make the best green building decisions for your lifestyle and budget.
Speakers: Adeela Abbasi (Habitat ReStore), Ruthie Mundell (Community Forklift), Jason Holstine (Founder and President of Amicus Green Building Center). Watch. (04/29/2010)

Learn more about the speaker series.


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