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noun: integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior

A group's culture is defined by its shared set of attitudes, values, goals and practices. How we use space also shows a lot about culture. Whether promoting sports, music, theater, food or public art, future development should not only foster cultural activities but also reflect the culture of Montgomery County.

How can we plan for and design new places or preserve existing cultural spaces that make Montgomery County unique?


25,000number of attendees at the SILVERDOCS film festival at the Silver Spring American Film Institute
30percent of Montgomery County citizens born outside the U.S.
45percent of the county's foreign born residents with a bachelor's degree or higher

ReThink Speakers

Despite the fact that Montgomery is about to become a non-anglo majority County, we still have "a way" of doing things, sometimes, as former Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson pointed out, the same 200 people moving from room to room to make decisions. So how do we plan for a changing community?
Speakers: Tebabu Assefa (IMPACT Silver Spring), Rassa Davoodpour (Montgomery County Government), Megan Moriarty (IMPACT Silver Spring), Reemberto Rodriguez (Silver Spring Regional Center). Watch. (05/06/2010)

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Past Speakers

Rick Cohen, served for eight years as executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), and currently writes for Nonprofit Quarterly magazine (NPQ), the nation’s premier journal of nonprofit policy and practice. (04/23/2009)

David Rusk, has worked with more than 120 communities to analyze urban problems such as housing inequities. (03/20/2008)

Robert Hunter, Executive Director of the Hillsborough City-County Planning Commission in Tampa, Fl. (05/17/2007)


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