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noun: the range of one's information or understanding

Montgomery County draws knowledge from around the world to its laboratories, government agencies and universities. Wired households and computers provide access to the world's information from our armchairs.

County residents are highly educated. An award-winning public school system allows students to thrive in a competitive academic environment. Employers continue to attract international talent to work in the biotechnology industry, government agencies and universities.

Today, knowledge is changing and shared access has been one of the largest leaps of the Internet era. With the world's information at our fingertips, we consume — and produce — more information, but produce more information through blogs, message boards, and other online networks.

How do we use the knowledge of our workers and residents, and how do we harness the power of technology to improve citizen engagement in planning?


15number of Nobel Laureates at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
30percent of Montgomery County residents with advanced degrees
140number of languages spoken by Montgomery County students
12millions materials circulated through County libraries in 2008

ReThink Speakers

Technology is changing the way we communicate. Our news sources are shifting from print journalism to blogging. How does this transformation affect the field of planning? Does blogging help bring in a broader pool of participants and ideals? Does it make planning more accessible and equitable? Join five local bloggers as we ReThink the way knowledge is shared in Montgomery County.
Speakers: David Alpert (Greater Greater Washington), Cindy Cotte Griffiths (Rockville Central), Dan Reed (Just Up the Pike), Eric Robbins (Thayer Avenue), Barnaby Zall (Friends of White Flint). Watch. (04/08/2010)

Learn more about the speaker series.


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