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Project: The RISE

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The RISE          

Project: The RISE
Architect: Nigel Baldwin Architects
Typology: Urban Big Box
Location: Vancouver, BC
Sustainability Elements: Economy, Food, Ecology, Energy, Infrastructure

The 605,000-square-foot, mixed-use RISE deftly accommodates multiple large-scale retailers and 92-residential live/work units on a 2.3-acre urban site. Unlike conventional big box retailers, this project avoids the large expanse of surface parking and non-descript building façade, instead integrating itself into the urban fabric with engaging architecture and by orienting the building to the street. Each retail entrance – a Home Depot, a grocery store, and a furniture warehouse – anchor three of the block’s four corners. The fourth is the entrance to the residential building lobby. By tucking the retail in the center of the block, the primary commercial street is lined with smaller, locally owned retailers to create a lively retail streetscape.

The RISE is located between the Vancouver’s downtown district and international airport, and is served by the city’s Canada Line rapid transit system. As a result of its location and transit orientation, the development generates fewer automobile trips and qualified for a parking reduction to make remaining underground parking economical.

The RISE also incorporates sustainable design features that result in substantial energy and resource savings. The building is covered by a 20,000 square foot intensive green roof and community garden, simultaneously providing a vital community amenity while reducing rainwater runoff. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows reduce lighting costs, while providing expansive views of the nearby mountain range. As a result, the building consumes 31 percent less energy, 67 percent less water for irrigation, and 40 percent less water for domestic use than buildings of a similar size and use.

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