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Private Project: 8711 Georgia Avenue

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The 0.87 acre property next to the Zalco building-currently a parking lot and a drive through for a bank-- was approved on October 23, 2008 for a thirteen-story (143' tall) mixed use building. Approximately 148, 278 square feet of office uses and 4,462 square feet of retail/service uses will be constructed with two levels of underground parking. Vehicles will enter the front of the building along Georgia Avenue and exit from the rear on Fenton Street Extended.
NOTE: Fenton Street Extended is actually a private street (owned by the Montgomery County Parking Lot District) providing egress from Garage 2. The approved circulation plan therefore requires an access agreement with Montgomery County Parking Lot District.)

A significant public use space will be provided behind the proposed building along the extension of Fenton Street. A mid-block pedestrian linkage will also be provided through the site connecting Georgia Avenue to Fenton Street Extended. The site is zoned CBD-2 and the proposed project would be constructed at a 4.0 FAR.

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Robert Kronenberg

NOTE: Please contact the applicant — not staff — for rental information.


8711 Georgia Avenue Parking Lot, LLC
6000 Executive Blvd. Suite 400
North Bethesda, MD. 20852-3847
Attention: Brian Lang

Planning Board Review Process & Case Number(s)

Limited Project Plan Amendment No. 92005002A, and Site Plan No. 820080230.

Planning Board Action

The Planning Board approved with conditions the limited project plan amendment and the site plan at a public hearing on October 23rd 2008.

Notes from M-NCPPC Staff Contacts


Date of last update: October 27, 2008